Friday, July 23, 2010

The Audi Automobile Empire

  • Is been a pleasure for me to brief  you the short facts about this remarkable brand in automobile industry.

Mr.August Horch
  • Founder : Mr.August Horch.
  • Born      : 12th October 1868 in Winningen , Moselle. 
  • Pass Away  : 3rd February 1951 in Munchbery , Bavaria.
  • Start as a Blacksmith - graduate from Polytechnic in engineering - work in ship building and Karl Benz in 1896 then form his company Horch and Co in Nov 1899 in Ehrenfeld Cologne , Germany.
  • Horch's 1st car was built in 1901 and after several struggling events before they couldn't find the suitable name to replace - then "Audi" was choosen to fit in the company's new brand in 1909.
  • "AUDI" means Listen in Latin.
  • The 4 Rings badge on the car symbolize the unity of the 4 company which forms Auto Union.                                                    
  •  Since 1964 VolksWagen owned 99.55 % of the company's shares and  purchased of Auto Union assets from the former owner of Daimler Benz.
  • Famous AWD system named "QUATTRO" were applyed  since in the late 70's especially when Audi wanted to showcase this system in motorsport catergories.
  • "QUATTRO" means "4" derived from the Latin's words.
  • Is been a tremendous sucess when the AWD system was introduced since the earlier 80's in the rally competition and win many podium position.
  • The 1st rally car was the famous Audi Quattro ( 2 doors Coupe Sport ).
  • The rest of the new flagship such as way from the quattro sport , S1 ,V8, A3, A4, A6, A8 ,Q5 , Q7 , R8 , TT and RS range.
  • S line division which specialise in developes and build high performance sport package for Audi.                                    
  •  Others Audi specialist and tuner like ABT and MTM.
  • Audi family consist of  VW ,Lamborghini , Bugatti , Bentley, Skoda and SEAT .
  • VW also achieved the agreement to mergerd with Porsche in the coming  2011.
  • In 2009 Audi celebrated 100th years birthday and it's empire expands aggressively around the globe today.

 Audi quattro in 80's

 Audi Quattro rally car
Audi Quottro S1 in action

Pictures courtesy of  wikipedia


danielh said...

rich history on the Audi. Now i know the stories behind 4 rings logo.
thanks for the facts.

Kin said...

Hi Daniel,
Luckily at least got people like you who gone the history section.Because i know normally people hate this subject.
Thanks for the comments & i hope you benefit from it.