Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brembo Short Histroy

Hi everyone.Let us take a step back and  review the importants of this super brand in automotive world.

Industry          :    Brake system manufacturer
Established     :   1961 in Bergamo , Italy 
Founder         :    Emilio Bombassei

  • The company supply mainly to high performance sport cars & motorcycles.Initially Alfa Romeo & Moto Guzzi consider their primary customers and the supply chains become larger in the early 80s when BMW , Mercedes Benz , Porsche and  many others also utilize their products.
    • After many years of hard work and sucessfull business ,in 1995 they listed in the stock exchange board in Milan.
    • Untill this days , Brembo produces more than 1,300 products worldwide.Due to their product quality assurance and highly rated , the company was awarded QS9000 & ISO9001 certification.
    • Nowadays, you could easily find Brembo brake system in every sport cars or super bikes and even in motorsport as well.Is a must in every fast moving vehicles , a perfect partner on wheels and it just don't consider a complete  package without it.
    • Thankyou so much  for this spectacular component that play the most important rules in the safety aspect because super fast car need to slow down or stop effectively during high speed.
    • Braking system consist of  brake disc , brake pad , caliper , piston and cable connection control by the driver. 

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    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    The Taste Of The Western Wasabe ( Mini's range Carnival )

    Hi everyone.We all know the fact that most people are crazy about Mini Cooper sport mini because of  it's eyes catching design as well as the performance for those who want less with more.
    Mini cooper has been listed one of the most charisma , the most important car in the automobile history .It was design by the Sir.Alec Issigonis in the early 60s.
    This Mini car has been the "spot light" in many movies such as the italian job in 1969 as well as in 2003 , Bourne supremacy and Mr. Bean Oh course!
    The recent event that i took part was the important publicity campaign to showcase the 2011 Mini Cooper , S version and also  Countryman.
    Is was held at the MINI showroom which next to the BMW head quater in Glenmarie , Shah Alam.There were about 8 participants ( Including myself ) with 4 instructors and the journey start from here to Putrajaya , MARDI center and come back.
    After arrived at MARDI then we were instructed to drive to the open car park .... and then we did some handling stuff but what arouse me is when the instructor perform 180 degree reverse turn and some tyres burning scene .It was just awesome.
    I was driving a Mini Cooper S from the start & with Mini Cooper on the way back.I was addicted to the shear power of the "S" version which more fun to drive compare with the standard version.
    My top speed on the highway was closed to 200 km/h with "S" version and thankyou so much for the turbo charger that generates more power & torque to the engine. So , my advise is focus on the "S" version for those who want great performance.

    Technical Specification For Mini Cooper S :

    Engine                                : 1.6 litre turbo , 4 cylinders
    Transmission                      : 5 speed , Semi Auto with shift tronic
    Horse Power                      : 184bhp
    Maximun Torque              : 240Nm
    Kerb Weight                      : 1230kg
    Acceleration 0 -100km/h  : 7.2 Second
    Price OTR                         : Mini Cooper is RM195,888.00
                                                  Mini Cooper S is RM239,888.00

    Please  kindly contact the sweet & charming Cik.Shezlin Eleda
    at 017-3473477 or by email to .

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    Gorgeous Mini Hub

    2011 Mini Cooper S

    Main Hall with guest registration counter

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    RECARO Seat Short History

    Manufacturer for car body since 1906 based in Kirchheim Unter Teck ,Stuttgart ,Germany.Wihelm Reutter was the founder.

    • Initially this company was involved in building limousine body in the 1920s.Volkwagen & Porsche were 2 of the major customers.
    •  But in 50s the company gone through a difficult time due the market down turn.After that took over by Porsche , it's converted to producing  vehicle seat.In 1969 was again sold to 3 new owners and one of them was Keiper.Keiper fully owned the company in 1983.
    • The RECARO seat has only become a global brand in the 90s.You could easily find RECARO products in automotive industry especially high performance luxury sport car manufacturer & also produces for wheelchair ,children safety seat , commercial aircraft seat in the cockpit , in certain trains , boats & even available in the world famous football club lounge. 
    • Johnson Control become the new owner of RECARO in 2010. 
        • Main & direct rival will only be SPARCO.

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