Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mighty & Powerfull 2010 Porsche GT2 RS Super Car

  • Hi Everyone.I have visited to the Porsche dealer recently to view the real car of this special limited edition Porsche GT2 RS model.
  • RS means "Racing Sport" & this means is more lighter & more torque to go faster which is a very good ingredient when comes to racing.
  • The outlook of the car is basically the same 911 body shape.The difference is the front air flow channel , front luggage compartment cover , side air intake panel, part of the top rear wing & bottom diffuser are carbon fibre.70kg lighter than the predecessor GT2.
  • Both the exhaust pipe & the 19 " sport rim ( Central locking device = save weight / approx.5kg per corner ) are made of superb light weight material which is the titanium. 
  • I couldn't have the chance to go inside the car because it was sold.Only potential & serious buyer are allow to do the test drive.
  • The price tag is estimated RM 2.4 Million OTR.In British currency ( pound ) is 164,000.This special edition is cater for Porsche extreme enthusiats , professional driver who demand for great driving pleasure  & billionaire.Production limited to 500 units worldwide.
  • To me is still my dream car but to those super rich is their another car or everyday car. 
  • Nurburgring best lap time of  Porsche GT2 RS is 7 min 18 second.Nissan GTR ( R35 ) is 7 min 29 second.

Technical Spec :

Porsche 911 GT2 RS                                            Nissan GTR ( R35 )
Engine : 3.8 litre Twin turbo ( Flat six )                     Engine : 3.8 litre Twin turbo ( V6 )
Gearbox : Six speed manual  RWD                         Gearbox : 6 speed semi auto ( DSG ) AWD
Horse power : 620bhp                                            Horse power : 489bhp
Torque - Max : 700 Nm                                        Torque - Max : 588 Nm
Curb weight   :  1368kg                                          Curb weight   :  1730kg  
New price is estimated  RM2.4 million                    New price is estimated  RM700,000.

Closest Rival : Nissan GTR ( R35 ) , Ferrari 458 Italia & Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4  Super Veloce

Please kindly contact Mr.Micheal Chew@ 012-6261089 ( Bkt.Bintang ) or Mr.Justin Loong@012-3445198 ( HQ )
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Solberg's 3 Subaru Rally Car In A Row ( 04 , 05 & 07 ) AUTOart 1:43

Hi Guys.As we all know Petter Solberg have brings constructor championship for Subaru rally team in 2003.
That is the most successfull moment for him so far.
He was just so good and the car was so perfect at that time.
Petter's faith have completely changed after that and the relationship between him & Subaru have ended in 2008.
Let us don't forget the glory moment of Petter and Subaru and oh course ! The gorgeous Subaru rally cars.

Driver              :  Petter Solberg
Co - Driver      :  Phil Mill

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Friday, May 13, 2011

AUTOart 1:18 Peugeot 206 WRC Rally Car In New Zealand 2002

Hi Everyone.Is good to showcase one of my favourite Peugeot 206 rally car on gravel.Is exactly the same car which shown last week by Panizzi ( Tarmac setup = lower suspension = lower centre of gravity = better grip + stability ).
But for off road or gravel , the suspension have to be set higher due to the uneven surface , rough terrain , rocks & shallow rivers( water splashing ).
This is also an important factor to protect the under carriage of the car from being contact with the ground although it usually covered.
Rims for tarmac is 17" & thinner tyres because is it provides excellent grips & performances.Where by on gravel it has to be 15" & with thicker tyres to provides more space allowances & cushion when the car speeding , jumping & landing comfortably on such harsh condition.

Driver            : Marcus Gronholm
Co - Driver    : Timo Rautiainen

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

1:18 AUTOart Panizzi's WRC Peugoet 206 Rally Car In Tour De Corse 2002

Hi Guys.Panizzi has been the "Guru" of the tarmac ever since his involvement in rally motorsport.Additional bonus of this excellent machine to asist him to better performance & greater result.
No many brotherhood can turn into partners like them in such business.Bravo!!! Panizzi... you are the best when comes to asphalt or hard surfaces.
Both of them are Frenchman to win championship in their own soil.

Gilles Panizzi   - Driver  ( Older Brother )
Herve Panizzi  -  Co-Driver ( Younger Brother )