Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mighty & Powerfull 2010 Porsche GT2 RS Super Car

  • Hi Everyone.I have visited to the Porsche dealer recently to view the real car of this special limited edition Porsche GT2 RS model.
  • RS means "Racing Sport" & this means is more lighter & more torque to go faster which is a very good ingredient when comes to racing.
  • The outlook of the car is basically the same 911 body shape.The difference is the front air flow channel , front luggage compartment cover , side air intake panel, part of the top rear wing & bottom diffuser are carbon fibre.70kg lighter than the predecessor GT2.
  • Both the exhaust pipe & the 19 " sport rim ( Central locking device = save weight / approx.5kg per corner ) are made of superb light weight material which is the titanium. 
  • I couldn't have the chance to go inside the car because it was sold.Only potential & serious buyer are allow to do the test drive.
  • The price tag is estimated RM 2.4 Million OTR.In British currency ( pound ) is 164,000.This special edition is cater for Porsche extreme enthusiats , professional driver who demand for great driving pleasure  & billionaire.Production limited to 500 units worldwide.
  • To me is still my dream car but to those super rich is their another car or everyday car. 
  • Nurburgring best lap time of  Porsche GT2 RS is 7 min 18 second.Nissan GTR ( R35 ) is 7 min 29 second.

Technical Spec :

Porsche 911 GT2 RS                                            Nissan GTR ( R35 )
Engine : 3.8 litre Twin turbo ( Flat six )                     Engine : 3.8 litre Twin turbo ( V6 )
Gearbox : Six speed manual  RWD                         Gearbox : 6 speed semi auto ( DSG ) AWD
Horse power : 620bhp                                            Horse power : 489bhp
Torque - Max : 700 Nm                                        Torque - Max : 588 Nm
Curb weight   :  1368kg                                          Curb weight   :  1730kg  
New price is estimated  RM2.4 million                    New price is estimated  RM700,000.

Closest Rival : Nissan GTR ( R35 ) , Ferrari 458 Italia & Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4  Super Veloce

Please kindly contact Mr.Micheal Chew@ 012-6261089 ( Bkt.Bintang ) or Mr.Justin Loong@012-3445198 ( HQ )
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atai said...

wow.... droolinggg.....

Kin said...

Hi Atai ,

Yup!!! Is a "WOW" factor.

Thank for your comment & visit.


Restidiecast said...

Hello Kin,
Wow, thats a very gorgeous looking fast car!!!

Kin said...

Hi Resti ,

Yes , it is a beautiful Porsche sport car.

I was shocked by it's 700 N/ goodness.

Thanks again & see you again.


Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Maybe Richard Hammond bought this one ;)

Kin said...

Hi Marjan ,

It is ??? I don't know about Richard Hammand's Porsche collection.
I might check it out after this.

Thanks for your visit & comment.

See you.


philadelphia used porsche said...

Yeah, Good information by you. This might be helpful upcoming Porsche car buyers.

Kin said...

Hi Philadelphia Porsche ,

1st of all , thankyou so much for drop a few lines & spending your valuable time to browse my work.
I just like to share the passion of cars & helpfull information to all the blog members & others as well.

Thanks again & hope to see you again.


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
Being a Porsche fan like myself, this is a dream ride as well!
Very desirable sports car :-)

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Yup!!! Is really a beautiful sport car.
But the price tag is way , way beyond my both affordability & creditability. only can be my dream car.But i'm getting this 1:43 model soon from Minichamps.Show it to all of you when arrived.
Cheers for all of us who are the huge fan of German marque.