Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Previous Ball Pen Sketches On Cars

Hi Guys.I love to do sketches since kindergarden during my free time but in the right "Mood".
  • This is some of my recent work , in fact i do it for my elder son @David and now all this drawings are belong to him.
  • He always asking  me to draw the car that he likes and is my pleasure to fullfil his request since i love doing it.
  • All the cars are follow from the internet or magazine and drawings in A4 size paper.

Thanks ,


Optimus Prime
Iron Hide





As shown in the drawing

BMW M5 ( E39 ) 2001

BMW Z4 Roadster ( 2003 )

BMW Z3 Roadster ( 1995 )

BMW Z3 Roadster ( Rear View )