Friday, June 17, 2011

The Grand & Huge BMW Z8 Roadster tuned By Alpina ( Herpa 1:87 )

  • Hi Boys & Girls.Topless sport car has brought abundance of excitement as well as the symbol of luxury lifestyle and for people want to travell in style.
  • It has been there since the begining of the automotive era.Almost every luxury sport car manufacturer has developed such model to satiscifed it's ethusiats & fans.
  • This BMW Z8 has been the "Spot Light" in the James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough".Piere Brosnan play again the secret agent to drive this magnificient & gorgeous "BIG" roadster but sadly not all the gadgetry & weaponary been fully utilized.

Technical Specification :

Exactly the same engine with BMW M5 ( E39 ) . 4941cc V8 , 400bhp , Max. torque is 500 Nm. 6 speed manual gearbox  & rear wheel drive.

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