Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spark 1:43 Lotus Evora 2009

Lotus's core heritage is to built sport car with super light weight material and with low budget .This is the first 2+2 seater configuration.

This model is larger , Longer & wider  , more powerfull & more luxury touchs for both exterior & interior compare

to all the pervious models.

The word Evora means.. "E" represent Evolution ( improvement & development through time ) .Which has been the begining of Lotus traditional model's name such as Elise , Exige , Europa & now the.. Evora.

Lotus has choosen this word because it goes perfectly and match with the famous & prestigous "Evora" city during the ancient Portugal greatest empire many centuries ago.It symbolize the pure greatness & timeless.

Technical Specification :

Engine                     : 3.5 Litre DOHC VVTI V6 from Toyota

                                  ( mid rear position )
Transmission           : 6 speed manual , rear wheel drive

Horse Power           : 267bhp
Maximun Torque     : 350Nm
Kerb weight            : 1350kg
Acceleration 0 -60mph : 4.9 second
Price OTR                : Range between RM450k to RM550K
Closest opponent    : Porsche Boxster , Cayman S & Nissan 
                                                GTR  ( R35 )

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