Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spark 1:43 Lotus Evora 2009

Lotus's core heritage is to built sport car with super light weight material and with low budget .This is the first 2+2 seater configuration.

This model is larger , Longer & wider  , more powerfull & more luxury touchs for both exterior & interior compare

to all the pervious models.

The word Evora means.. "E" represent Evolution ( improvement & development through time ) .Which has been the begining of Lotus traditional model's name such as Elise , Exige , Europa & now the.. Evora.

Lotus has choosen this word because it goes perfectly and match with the famous & prestigous "Evora" city during the ancient Portugal greatest empire many centuries ago.It symbolize the pure greatness & timeless.

Technical Specification :

Engine                     : 3.5 Litre DOHC VVTI V6 from Toyota

                                  ( mid rear position )
Transmission           : 6 speed manual , rear wheel drive

Horse Power           : 267bhp
Maximun Torque     : 350Nm
Kerb weight            : 1350kg
Acceleration 0 -60mph : 4.9 second
Price OTR                : Range between RM450k to RM550K
Closest opponent    : Porsche Boxster , Cayman S & Nissan 
                                                GTR  ( R35 )

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RealCollector said...

Transmission: 267 bhp??? Btw nice add you got there.

After seeing your photos, it makes me think again.Hmmm... (I was thinking to add one of those too since Spark released them in mid 2010).. it makes me think more than 1000 times... still can't find any reason to capture one. But the upcoming super cars from Lotus looks stunning though.

Kin said...

Hi RC,

1st of all thankyou for dropping by & spending your valuable time to browse my work & i can't remember did you or did you not visit my blog before ?
Yup!!! You should collect also but one thing about Spark's diecast is the wheels is fixed , can't turn.
It's matched the price.But i hope they will improve the quality in the near future at least close to Schuco.

Thanks bro & hope to see you more often.

Cheers :)


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
This Evora is distinctively Lotus designed. It does have resemblance to the other previous cars it has produced. Spark got the overall shape very well :-)

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Yup !!! Lotus is one of a great sport from Britian but owned by Proton from Malaysia.
I like the flow of the body a brillant design.

Long time & thanks a lot.See you again.