Thursday, November 22, 2012

Audi A8 2012 ( Awesome Eight ) Kyosho 1:43

Audi never hide it's superb talent in making luxury & well built cars... This new Audi A8 is not just what you think it this.
A8 has always been the ultimate choice and the leading flagship since the predecessor the D2.
Massive body with state of art gizmo and a never ending discovery to it.
Is really a fantastic news / choice for people who pursue perfection + luxurious.

Thousand miles ahead.....don't be bother by tireness because there are none , just drive.

Choose black.

Technical Specification :
Engine Capacity    : 4163 CC
Engine Layout       : front position , Quattro ( AWD )
Horse Power          :  367bhp
Maximum Torque   : 445Nm
Transmission          : 8 Speed tiptronic automatic /                                        7 Speed dual clutch S tronic
Kerb weight           : 2020kg

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VIII 2005 ( Red Army From The 3 Point Mark ) Autoart 1:43

Whenever there is a new model coming out soon in any car manufacturer from any brand in nowadays especially , the changes will be mostly in sizes , more wider or longer , horse power & torque increased , more refine interior work , more electronic devices / gadgetry ( Gizmo ) and bigger sport rims ....etc.

This 2005 model are in fact the continuation work from the predecessor EVO VII. Because if you take out the door from EVO VII and you could fit into EVO VIII easily , overall everything is almost the same ( at least 95 % ) same goes to EVO XI.

Basically EVO VII till EVO XI is exactly the same body.
The only different is the body kit , sport rims from the exterior and interior wise is also very similar as well.

To me...i  love all the generation of this super icon performance sport car from Japan and it will stick to my mind forever.

Technical Specification
Engine Capacity & Layout   : front ( FR ) 1998CC with turbo
Drive Train                             :  All wheel system
Horse Power                          :  300bhp
Max.Torque                           :  380Nm
Kerb Weight                          : 1348kg

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VI 1999 ( White angel from 3 point mark ) Autoart 1:43

Mitsubitshi EVO VI was a major break through in term of the new shape design right after the conventional squarish / box form from the predecessor EVO V.
It is a good looking sport saloon car in the early 1999 and it's still look good to me until today.This new model have been improved tremendously in overall perspective.

1.The car body design is higher and more aerodynamic - better
    head room and better view from all direction.   
2.Wider body - better stability especially when comes to high
    speed turning or cornering.
3.Integrated rear spoiler / wing - better air flow and created
    more down force.
4. 17" OZ racing sport rims with wider & low profile tyres for 
   better grips.
   Brembo front & back brakes system and high durability
   suspension system / damper.
5.More horse power ( 280bhp ) and more torque ( 300 Nm )
   with 2.0 litres turbo engine.All wheel drive system.
6.RECARO semi bucket sport seat that will never make you
   feel tired especially long distance trips.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Subaru WRX STI 2011 ( Super Sport Saloon )@Kyosho 1:43

 The hatch back version has comes to the end in 2010 since the production begins in 2008.Now... .. is the return of the saloon version and this will be amazed whenever you look at it and it's getting better and better in every way.

Generally the whole design of both exterior & interior have been redefine into even more sporty rather than luxury.Indeed the Subaru Impreza is a high performance 4 wheel drive sport car which adapted to both asphalt & dirt surface as well as all season weather condition.

This is going to be the most voted sport car of the year from Japan compared to the closest rival the Mitsubitshi EVO X.
This 2 great model are the world greatest rally car since the 90s and even until today.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Subaru Impreza STI R205 - 2010 ( Kyosho 1:43 )

If you can be better ..then why stop at good.This is what exactly Subaru is doing all the while since the establishment of Subaru Tecnica Internatinal ( STI ) in 1988.

The STI engineering development programme ( R & D ) have always been the core or the heart of Subaru in the pursuit of engineering perfection in producing both high performance sport car & in motorsport racing .

Subaru STI will only choose certain model to developed into a special edition that comes with a limited production.

As usual , whichever model carried the badge of STI will certainly equiped or upgraded with all the high performance parts such as Brembo brake system , STI adjustable suspension system , STI tuned engine , MOMO sport steering , RECARO semi bucket sport seat & BBS sport alloy rims.

Production limited to 400 units worldwide.

R205 techical specification :
 Engine  layout           :  front position with flat 4 stroke , 
                                       2.5 litre with turbo charged 
Transmission              :  6 speed manual    
Horse power              :  300bhp
Maximun Torque      :  410Nm
Drive train                 : Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Subaru Impreza WRX 22B ( 1999 ) @Gorgeous Sport Coupe Of The 90s ( AUTOart 1:43 )

This could be the most popular , gorgoeus , handsome ..........& the first and only coupe with 3 doors version from Subaru in the late 90s.
Production limited to 400 units worldwide and this model has been a major spot light in the world rally championship  motorsport alongside with talented rally drivers such as Richard Burns & Colin Mcrae and Tommi Makinen with Mitsubitshi rally team at that time.
As for this road version , it's look fantatic & marvellous as the  wider body rally version.

Subaru's unique symmetrical all wheel drive system and the interesting part is the computer in the car will send power to the axle / wheel whichever need more power.

Engine layout  :  front engine , 1998cc with turbo
Horse power    :  280bhp  
Max.Torque     : 350 N/m 
Drvie train       :  All wheel drive system
Kerb weight     : 1285kg

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