Thursday, November 22, 2012

Audi A8 2012 ( Awesome Eight ) Kyosho 1:43

Audi never hide it's superb talent in making luxury & well built cars... This new Audi A8 is not just what you think it this.
A8 has always been the ultimate choice and the leading flagship since the predecessor the D2.
Massive body with state of art gizmo and a never ending discovery to it.
Is really a fantastic news / choice for people who pursue perfection + luxurious.

Thousand miles ahead.....don't be bother by tireness because there are none , just drive.

Choose black.

Technical Specification :
Engine Capacity    : 4163 CC
Engine Layout       : front position , Quattro ( AWD )
Horse Power          :  367bhp
Maximum Torque   : 445Nm
Transmission          : 8 Speed tiptronic automatic /                                        7 Speed dual clutch S tronic
Kerb weight           : 2020kg

Thank you ,



Juanh said...

Beautiful R8 Kin.

Kin said...

H Juanh ,

How are you my dear friend ? I hope you n your family are doing great.

It's really been a long long time.... .. is good to be back.

Hi friend , is Audi A8 not R8.It is very nice looking in black.

Thank you so much for your valuable time & comment.

Take care & see you ,


Juanh said...

Hi Kin, my children very well, working and studying the large, growing smaller. My collection of racing cars also grows, not as much as I'd like, but is slowly growing.
You're right friend, is an A8 and not an R8, I was wrong to write it.
I wait for my blog.

Kin said...

Hi Juanh ,

Is always good to hear that your kids are growing healthy & happily.

I feel happy for you because your collection is growing.
Is is ok... .. if we unable to collect all the car ( diecast ) we wanted because not all manufacturer are producing all the brand in the market and even available the price is not cheap.

Take it easy and just purchase whatever we can afford & keep searching for other option.

Take care.


Irene Chong said...

Hello ! how r u ? ^^

Kin said...

Hi Irene ,

How are you & family lately ? I'm sure you all are doing great.

I'm busy with my work & family stuff , therefore i have been slow down or stop posting for quit sometime and is good to come back again.

I would like to wish you & family a wonderful 2013 ahead but according to ancient Maya tribe astronomy prediction , a major changes / epic event will be happen on the exact day ( 21st Dec 2012 .
It can be so called "Doomsday" or end of the world !!! you believe in it ?

All the best.

Warm regards ,


Chơi mô hình said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing it.

Choi mo hinh

Kin said...

Hi Cho'i ,

How are you , man ? Yeah.. . wishing you and your family a great 2013 ahead.

Thanks for your valuable time & comment.

Take care & see you soon ,


Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Dear Kin!
It's nice to see You after breake.

I didin't write so long because I had to deal with some issues related to my personal life. As you know, I got married, I renovated our flat, also I changed job ;). I had no time to write my blog. But models still were coming and coming haha ;)... Even though I have not written, still I was looking at your blog and blogs of other guys. I am glad that your collection is still growing. Do not stop doing what you enjoy!!! - modelling is a fun hobby, we have infected many people with it! :D
I hope everything's fine with you. Me and my wife, were waiting for the warm weather to come to Poland, which certainly is not lack in Malaysia. Im waiting for your new post! Cheers!

Grzegorz (Grexik) said...

Very good models! Graet collections!

Best regards!

Kin said...

Hi Marjan ,

Hi friend.Yeah... .. I will my posting going on and hopefully get more feedback and hopefully members will grow as well.

Keep in touch and waiting for your next post.

Take care.

Cheers :)

Kin said...

Hi Grzegorz ,

Hi Friend , yeah... .. we have something in common .. which is , we both also big , big fan of Subaru.

You also have great collection and is good to know you.

Thanks and see you again.

Cheers :)