Sunday, August 7, 2011

RECARO Seat Short History

Manufacturer for car body since 1906 based in Kirchheim Unter Teck ,Stuttgart ,Germany.Wihelm Reutter was the founder.

  • Initially this company was involved in building limousine body in the 1920s.Volkwagen & Porsche were 2 of the major customers.
  •  But in 50s the company gone through a difficult time due the market down turn.After that took over by Porsche , it's converted to producing  vehicle seat.In 1969 was again sold to 3 new owners and one of them was Keiper.Keiper fully owned the company in 1983.
  • The RECARO seat has only become a global brand in the 90s.You could easily find RECARO products in automotive industry especially high performance luxury sport car manufacturer & also produces for wheelchair ,children safety seat , commercial aircraft seat in the cockpit , in certain trains , boats & even available in the world famous football club lounge. 
  • Johnson Control become the new owner of RECARO in 2010. 
      • Main & direct rival will only be SPARCO.

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