Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mazda RX 8 - My Blue Angel ( Sport Quad Doors Coupe ) AUTOart 1:43

Mazda car manufacturer has play an important rules in producing sport car since the last  4 dedace.Competing along with others player from the same home soil such as Nissan , Toyota , Honda as well as from the europe & the state.

The Mazda RX8  is a great sucess compared to the predecessor RX7 which mostly sold in Japan and Mazda RX8 was first introduced since 2001.

Production ended in 2011.

Unique Features :
A. Powered by a rotary engine which consists of  ( 2 x 654 
     = 1308 CC configuration ).
B. "4 doors quad coupe concept" or "Suicide Doors " which's
     provides full excess to the cabin.
C. It is a truely a unique design of the central console from the 
     front right up to the end and it only meant for 4 pessengers 
D. 50:50 front & rear weight distribution.Some body part  are      made of aluminium & plastic but mostly steel.

Mazda also comes with many version such as Shinka ,Evolve ,
 PZ ,Nemesis ,Kuro , 40th anniversary ,true red style ,hdrogen
 RE ,Mazdaspeed & NRA.

Wining many awards since 2003 includes "International best engine of the year " , "Best handling car " , "Best sport car of the year " & many more.

Technical Specification :
Engine Capacity     :  2 x 654 = 1308 CC configuration , 
                                     front engine
Horse Power           :  212Bhp ( based on 6 Speed Auto )
Maximun Torque    :  215Nm 
Transmission           :  4/6 Speed Auto or  5/6 Speed manual 
Kerb Weight            : Auto - 1384kg   Manual - 1373kg 

 Closest  Rival  :  Nissan 350Z  & Audi TT

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The Picture Of A Rotary Engine

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VIII & IV WRC IXO 1:43 @Rally Heat Wave

This 2 rally cars is the last appearance of it's kind before Ralliart rally team redraw from world rally championship at the end of  2005 due to global financial crisis.

Let us not forget the glory moment of this beautiful & stuning performance rally legend from the emperor of the sun.

Team 2004
Gilles Panizzi brothers

Team 2005
Harri Rovanpera 

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VII WRC AUTOart 1:64 @Rally Heat Wave

Another 2 new rally members in Marlboro Mitsubitshi Ralliart Team but only for one season back to 2002.

Driver            : Francois Delecour
Co -Driver     : Daniel Grataloup

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VI WRC 1999 Rally Monte Carlo IXO 1:43 @Rally Heat Wave

There are 3 reason for Tommi to celebrate & put a smile on his face.

1st .  This is the pinnacle of his rally career.
2nd . He got himself a beautiful Mitsubitshi EVO VI rally car.
3rd .  Winner of this rally.

Driver           : Tommi Makinen
Co - Driver   : Risto ManniSenmaki

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