Saturday, November 26, 2011

BBS Sport Rim Short Story

 Let us take a moment to review this famous & handsome sport rim that really capture most of our attention whenever on the road.

BBS means : Baumgartner ( founder ) , Brand ( Founder )
                       Schiltach ( birthplace in Germany )

Industry      : High performance automobile sport rims  
                       Manufacturer .

Company established since  : 1970

AIT  - ( Air Inside Technology ) The breakthrough  technology which's fill in the thin air inside the hollow section of the sport rim in order to enhance the performance of the car by all means since 1972.

BBS company did went bankrupt in 2007 and took over by Punch International ( Belgium company )

Without further introduction , you could easily find this beautiful piece of artwork cum highly functional component in most of the high performance everyday road car and especially in F1 car.

Alongside with others rivalry like A C Schitzer , Breyton , OZ Racing & etc.

Picture courtesy of Google