Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Collection For Batmobile , Jet & Joker's Gang Vehicle In Gotham City Back To 1989

  • Most of us are fascinated by the Batman story especially when we talking about his weathly and double life.
  • Day time as Bruce Wayne ( The Playboy ) and "BATMAN" by night.
  • I believed we all attracted and draw towards Batman apperance , his secret life and his secret chamber whichs consist of many high tech equipments and gadgets to help him to fight and eliminate all his  "Vilan" once and for all.
  • But what arouse me the most is actually his weapon fighter jet and most likely is his "Batmoblie".Just Awesome.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Subaru Rally Car Practice In The Park Diary ( 1:12 Scale 2WD )

  • I'm also keen into remote control since many years ago.This is my 1st 2 wheel drive ( rear ) Subaru Rally Car.( c/w rechargeble battery )
  • You can play it in almost every surface as long there's no wet or water existance.
  • Actually i prefer to play indoor with smooth cement render.Wow!!! That would be perfect.You can control the car to drift and slideway.
  • Even though not playing anymore , it also can be a good piece of display also.Actually not bad.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Collection For Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro Both 1981 Version & 2010 Concept

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Greatest Rally Legend Sir.Walter Rohrl

It been a pleasure for me to introduce this extra ordinary professional rally driver to all of you or maybe some of you already know him.

Walter in the 80's

Walter in the present

Picture courtesy of Google & wikipedia

  • Born : 7th March 1947 in Regensburg , Germany.
  • At the age of 16 , he begin to work as a driver for a bishop who travell to visit all his follower and religious activities all around Germany .
  • The total milege he has to covered for all this road trips are 120,000KM anually which equvalent to as many as 100 trips  from Hatdyai , Thailand  to Singapore every year .WOW !!! Unbelievable !!!
  • He is the most famous auto racing figure who brings championship to all the manufacturer team he been participated such as Fiat , Opel , Lancia , Audi , Porsche and Ford .
 Walter Rohrl Rally Career Archive
  • Started in 1968 as a professional rally driver aged 21.
  • Career in rally between early 70's to the early 80's.
  • Win 4 times championships in Monte Carlo rally.
  • He was named "Genius On Wheel ".
  • He also elected " Rallye driver of the century " and also "Rallye driver of the millenium " in Italy.
  • A jury out of 100 worldwide motorsport experts elected him "Best rallye driver ever ".
  • He scored the fastest time during a special mountain rally race call the " Race to the cloud" in Pikes peak , Grand Canyon in the 80's.
  • After retired from rallying he still active in 24 hours Nurburing  endurance race with Porsche and achieved fantatic results.
  • He also the ambassador and senior test driver for Porsche for the past 17 years who responsible for test all the new Porsche such as the 911 turbo , GT2 , GT3 , RS and most likely Carrera GT on the track before allow to leave the factory.