Friday, October 21, 2011

Steve Mcqueen's Secret Weapon In 1968 " BULLITT " ( 1:43 Yat Ming )

I do like classic sport car 'But'.....only in certain type.Ford Mustang GT is always my favourite American sport car due to the fact that it's represents the true & pure of high performance muscle car herittage in this free land.
  • The legendary Steve Mcqueen just blend perfectly with this "Iron Horse" and blast the streets of San Francisco in a unique style.
  • Typical chrome finish can be found in the front & rear bumper , side mirror , front grille , door handle , window panel , front head & tail lights edging. 
  • This 2 doors sport coupe has no head rest either the driver or passenger seat and comes with brown colour leather , large steering wheel , long  gear knob , twin tail pipe and not very comfortable suspension system in those days.
When you hear the roaring V8 approaching and you know Steve is never far away.

Technical Spec :
Engine            : front engine , 5 Litre V8
Transmission  : 4 speed manual , rear wheel drive
Horse Power  : 230bhp
Max.Torque   : 420Nm
Kerb Weight  : 1251kg

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