Friday, October 29, 2010

Lamborghini Supercar Story From The Past To Present ( Part 2 )

"Thankfull" to that little technical argument between Ferrari & Ferruccio Lamborghini.The new range of "Supercar" was borned.

Introduction of the model range and  year :

Early 60's

350 GTV
Mid 60's
400 GT

The birth of the "Mid Engine" era begins.

Late 60's



Early 70's

Jarama 400GT


Mid 70's

The birth of the "Scissors Doors" door open concept were introduced since then.This is the most charisma
and most sucessfull model so far between 1974 to 1988.

The first and only SUV production of it kinds.


Early 90's

It's claims the fastest production road car at that time.

Mid 90's


Year 2002

V12 engine producing 580bhp AWD system.

Year 2008
LP 640-4
V12 engine also but increase to 640bhp and AWD.This come with roadster version and also "Versace Version"  and interior apply it's leather massively and only 20 units were built.

Year 2009
LP 670-4   Super Veloce Version
V12 engine as well tune up to 670bhp and AWD.This the last Miucelago for this apperance because next year the new model is coming.

Year 2008 to 2009

Reventon Version
1st introduced in 2007.
Only built limited to 20 units worldwide and the price tag is 1 Million Euro.
It be inspired by the design concept of the "F 22 Raptor" stealth fighter jet both the exterior and interior.

Year 2009
Reventon Roadster
Only 15 units were built & price tag is 1,1 Million Euro.

Year 2011

This 2011 new model "Aventador " was launch in March.
Production limited to 400 units worldwide.

Technical Specification :

Engine : 6,498 CC ( V12 )
Transmission : 7 Speed Semi-Auto ( Paddle Shift ) / Auto mode
Horse Power : 700Bhp
Maximun Torque : 690 Nm
0 to 100 Km/h in 2.9 Second
Top Speed : 350 Km/h

Year 2003

Year 2007
"Superleggera" means super light and mainly made to compete with Ferrari F430 Scuderia and Porsche GT3 RS.

Year 2007
Nera Version

Year 2008

Year 2009
Valentino Balboni Version
This special & only "Rear Wheel Drive" version is to honour Valentino Balboni for his long service as Lamborghini
official chief test driver for the past 40 years.

Year 2009
Super Trofeo Version

Year 2010

 Superleggera LP570-4  

Concept Car

1st 4 doors Sport Sedan "Estoque" was introduced in 2008.


Sesto Elemento

Seseto Elemnto was introduced in 2010.Full Carbon Fibre body & using the same engine as Gallardo V10.Weight only 999kg.
0 to 62 in 2.5 Second.

The President & CEO is Mr.Stephen Winklemann who responsible for the Lamborghini supercar future.

Mr.Stephen Winklemann

Pictures courtesy of wikipedia & Google.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Short Story Behind Ferruccio Lamborghini & his Magnificent Sport Car Creation ( Part 1 )

The Great Ferruccio Lamborghini

  •  Founder : Ferruccio Lamborghini
  •  Born      :  April 28th , 1916.
  •  Passed Away   : February 20th , 1993 .
  • Lamborghini Company established  :  October 30th , 1963.
  • He was born in a rich family in Cento , northern Italy & his father is runing a farming business.But his interest in farming machinery since young age & that influence him to pursue education in engineering rather than argiculture.
  • After he graduated from technical college he then join the ( National Service ) Italy air force maintence support team.Soon after almost the end of WW II  in 1945 & he's been captured in Britain detention for certain period of time.
  • In 1947 he married with his 1st wife & give birth to a child ( boy ) & his wife die( Her name was untold ) during the delivery & he named his son Antonio.  
  • Sooner in 1948 he venture into design & build  tractor under his name "Lamborghini" for argiculture , his tractor models sold about 1000 units a year & also one of the largest argiculture equipment manufacturer in the mid 50's.He also gamble his fortune into oil heater factory & air conditioning business in1959.

      • He love & passionated on sport cars & he owns a lot of cars such as Mercedes Benz 300L , Alfa Romeo , Maseratti 3500GT  & the Ferrari 250GT.

      • But he then find that the Ferrari engine was too rough & noisy for a road car.He told the mechanic to look into his proposal to improve the sound of the car.He was then rejected & soon complain to Enzo Ferrari about the incident.

      • Then he was told "We don't need any opinion from a farmer".Ferruccio Lamborghini was very disappointed & upset about their poor reply & services.He very determine & he modified his own Ferrari 250GT to meet his requirement & at last he made it.

      • His dertermination & passion of cars that drive him to venture into a new era of super car making.

      •  He faces many obstacle & challenges during the begining of his automobile business then struggle from financial debts , partnerships & the oil crisis in 1973.

      • He sold his company 's share to his good friends & others hope to keep company survive.But the company really gone through a lot of  "Punching" untill in 1998 the Lamborghini company was sold to Audi.

      • Ferruccio Lamborghini then pursue another industry in producing wine in his own soil after no longer with the car business & he pass away due to heart attack. 

      • The famous "Bull fighting" of Spain is his most passionate sport event.That is why all the Lamborghini super car's name are inspired by it.

      Wednesday, October 13, 2010

      2010 VW Passat CC Test Drive Diary

      • Volks Wagen's brand has always be one of my primary choice among others German auto maker.I like it's practicality and  style. 
        • Volks means "folks" or "people" & wagen means "wagon" or "car" and conclusion is "People Car".
        • Passat CC = CC means Comfort Coupe.
          • Recently i went to one of the VW dealership to try this fantatic Passat CC.This coupe sedan concept is base on the same as the Mercedes Benz CLS.
            •  The exterior out line has been carefully design & curve brillantly it just  feels like the body of sexy lady as well as the interior.
              • Although there's no sophisticated technology massively apply in this car other than the DSG gear box but you will never get borned  whenever entering this VW Passat CC.
                • The well balance design and also the beauty  from the dashboard curve line ,  steering grips , central console with the handy gear knob , the seat was so comfortable and superb leather feel , detail triming work of the door panel  , door handle , lights cover it just so enchanting and mesmerizing.
                  • When i driving it the 1st time.Wow!!! just unbelievable and it so comfort almost like floating in the air ( suspension in comfort mode ).
                    • The power of  the torque is just staggering which i not yet shift to "SPORT" mode. Just image you speeding at 160km/h but feels  like just cruising.
                      • Thank you for the amazing DSG gear box meaning "Direct Shift Gear" which's also means the gear changing ratio is more efficient and faster( faster shift time ) than the convientional gear box.
                        • Passenger seat in fact for coupe concept is four but VW is going to make five seater version soon.
                          • It's really a good bargain and the price tag at RM243,888.00 same price as the VW Scirroco. If you compare to the Mercedea Benz CLS which cost around RM700 TO 800K during new launching.
                            • In fact there is no such car come close to this specification and this price as well.I strongly recommand to those who has the badget between RM200 TO 300K.Just go for it and i ensure you will never regret. 
                              • Technical Specification
                                • Front engine : 1998 cc , 200bhp , max torque is 280N/m , 6 speed DSG ( semi auto ) , FWD ,4 passenger seat ,kerb weight is 1454kg  and  1st production since 2008.
                                • Please contact Ms.Alison Teoh ( Sales Consultant ) at  012-3749295 for more information or test drive.

                                  Friday, October 1, 2010

                                  2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Taxi Ride Diary

                                  • It always been my dream to take a ride on Hyper or Super car like this magnificent Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.
                                  •  It just fantatic , unbelievable ,staggering , the thundering & vibrating exhaust sound , the immense of  force that pull  you to the back and you will addicted to it and keep asking for more.

                                  Example :
                                  • In normal road car you only feel very mild of pulling force.
                                  • High performance car feels like something holding you back.
                                  • Hyper car is feel like a lot people pulling you back and never let go.

                                  • The feeling is it accelerate extreme fast ( 0-100km/h only take 3.4 second )which i never experience before.There is no radio because you could only enjoy the sound from the exhaust because is really like symphony orchestra live just a heart beat away.

                                  • This is the king of the all super car and it is a beast or monster with 4 wheels.

                                  • Engine is V12 (6.5 Litre) 640bhp ,max torque is 487lb ft  , permanent 4WD system , Mid engine , 6 speed e-gear / semi auto , 2 door coupe and weight 1650kg.Price OTR  RM2.7 million at that time .

                                  • Mr.Ron Lim previously also from an famous Italian marque.His passion and knowledge about cars is superb.

                                  • He been involved in motorsport since the late 70's , also in off road 4 wheels , member in most of the super car club in Malaysia.
                                  • He is one of the most charisma figure in automobiles industry in Malaysia as well as abroad.

                                  • Thank you so much to Mr.Ron Lim and you could contact and ask him anythings about cars & motorsport at 019-3334318 visit him at address shown as below:

                                  No 2, Block B Lot 4900 ,Jalan SS13/7,
                                  Subang Jaya Industrial Estae ,
                                  47500 Petaling Jaya.
                                  Selangor Darul Ehsan.
                                  Off Tel  : 603-56371280
                                  Fax       : 603-56344782
                                  E-mail  :

                                  Mr. Ron Lim

                                  pictures courtesy of  wikipedia