Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Short Story Behind Ferruccio Lamborghini & his Magnificent Sport Car Creation ( Part 1 )

The Great Ferruccio Lamborghini

  •  Founder : Ferruccio Lamborghini
  •  Born      :  April 28th , 1916.
  •  Passed Away   : February 20th , 1993 .
  • Lamborghini Company established  :  October 30th , 1963.
  • He was born in a rich family in Cento , northern Italy & his father is runing a farming business.But his interest in farming machinery since young age & that influence him to pursue education in engineering rather than argiculture.
  • After he graduated from technical college he then join the ( National Service ) Italy air force maintence support team.Soon after almost the end of WW II  in 1945 & he's been captured in Britain detention for certain period of time.
  • In 1947 he married with his 1st wife & give birth to a child ( boy ) & his wife die( Her name was untold ) during the delivery & he named his son Antonio.  
  • Sooner in 1948 he venture into design & build  tractor under his name "Lamborghini" for argiculture , his tractor models sold about 1000 units a year & also one of the largest argiculture equipment manufacturer in the mid 50's.He also gamble his fortune into oil heater factory & air conditioning business in1959.

      • He love & passionated on sport cars & he owns a lot of cars such as Mercedes Benz 300L , Alfa Romeo , Maseratti 3500GT  & the Ferrari 250GT.

      • But he then find that the Ferrari engine was too rough & noisy for a road car.He told the mechanic to look into his proposal to improve the sound of the car.He was then rejected & soon complain to Enzo Ferrari about the incident.

      • Then he was told "We don't need any opinion from a farmer".Ferruccio Lamborghini was very disappointed & upset about their poor reply & services.He very determine & he modified his own Ferrari 250GT to meet his requirement & at last he made it.

      • His dertermination & passion of cars that drive him to venture into a new era of super car making.

      •  He faces many obstacle & challenges during the begining of his automobile business then struggle from financial debts , partnerships & the oil crisis in 1973.

      • He sold his company 's share to his good friends & others hope to keep company survive.But the company really gone through a lot of  "Punching" untill in 1998 the Lamborghini company was sold to Audi.

      • Ferruccio Lamborghini then pursue another industry in producing wine in his own soil after no longer with the car business & he pass away due to heart attack. 

      • The famous "Bull fighting" of Spain is his most passionate sport event.That is why all the Lamborghini super car's name are inspired by it.


      Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

      nice and fun facts indeed. ;-)p

      Kin said...

      Hi Asrul,

      Yes indeed.I admired his courage , his passion & his fighting spirit.

      All the sucessfull people have something in common which is "Never , never give up easily".

      Thanks ,

      komenda said...

      Hi Kin,
      Great post about the man behind the Lambo marque!
      The mid-engined Miura is a masterpiece in car design and thus admired him for his vision in making it a reality.
      Of course, the marque is under the VW group now, and you can say I've all the more adore this italian exotic brand.

      Kin said...

      Hi Erwin,

      He surely & truely a great man who dare to take great challenges.

      But look at now the legacy since took over by Audi of VW group.It become even more sucessfull & shining brightly even since.

      "Long live Lamborghini marque".


      cowboy75 said...

      awesome & informative info..gud for me, who really naifs about car,,:)

      Kin said...

      Hi Cowboy,

      1st of all thanks for dropping by.

      I love to do research about the story behind every automobile legend who sacrified a lot & gone through inmense of hard time & at the end they never give up till they suceed.

      He is every "GUY" idol.


      danielh said...

      ineteresting history and facts.
      thanks for sharing!

      Kin said...

      Hi Daniel,

      Is my pleasure to share with all of you any time.

      He is a great person.


      TiNiO said...

      i've learned something new about lamborghini. thanks for sharing kin! ;)

      Kin said...

      Hi Tinio,

      Good to have you back & i'm glad you also enjoy reading it.
      Ah.... wait untill you see the Part 2.

      Thanks for dropping by & hope to see you more often.