Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VIII 2005 ( Red Army From The 3 Point Mark ) Autoart 1:43

Whenever there is a new model coming out soon in any car manufacturer from any brand in nowadays especially , the changes will be mostly in sizes , more wider or longer , horse power & torque increased , more refine interior work , more electronic devices / gadgetry ( Gizmo ) and bigger sport rims ....etc.

This 2005 model are in fact the continuation work from the predecessor EVO VII. Because if you take out the door from EVO VII and you could fit into EVO VIII easily , overall everything is almost the same ( at least 95 % ) same goes to EVO XI.

Basically EVO VII till EVO XI is exactly the same body.
The only different is the body kit , sport rims from the exterior and interior wise is also very similar as well.

To me...i  love all the generation of this super icon performance sport car from Japan and it will stick to my mind forever.

Technical Specification
Engine Capacity & Layout   : front ( FR ) 1998CC with turbo
Drive Train                             :  All wheel system
Horse Power                          :  300bhp
Max.Torque                           :  380Nm
Kerb Weight                          : 1348kg

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