Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nissan Automobile Short Story

Founder                   :   Masujiro Hashimato  & 5 others.

Established  since   :   26th December ,1933

Head Quater          :   Nishi-Ku , Yokohama , Japan
                                ( Official register in Kanagawa )

Industry                  :  Automobile , Financial Services
                                    & Engineering

Present Chairman & CEO  :  Carlos Ghosn

Firstly known as Datsun in 1914.The 1st Datsun vehicle named DAT  in 1925.Datsun change to Nissan in 1933.

The 1st Nissan Fairlady 240Z sport coupe in 1970 has in fact escalated the image & status in automobile industry worldwide.

Nissan merged with Renault manufacturer from Spain in 1999.Nissan also forms partnership with many giant such as Ford from the state , Austin from Britain & Prince motor from Japan.
Then later also corporated with Daimler from Germany on certain scale.

Nissan also expand it's empire by setting new production lines in US , China , India , Europe , Brazil  & others.

Nissan V6 engine has in fact recognized as 10 best engine for 14 years straight.

Nissan Skyline GTR , Infiniti & Fairlady will be the high performance sport car in global up market segment.

Nissan Leaf  was the grand winner of 2010 Green Car Vision Award.

Carlos Ghosn ( Present CEO )

Nissan Leaf  < Green Car Award >
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nissan GTR ( R35 ) - Spec V 2010 ( Ebbro 1:43 )

Most of the high performance sport cars surely plan to have better or special version , such as Ferrari F430 Scuderia from the predecessor the F430 , Porsche GT3 RS  previously GT3 & Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera from Gallardo standard version.
Now the Nissan GTR ( R35 ) Super car also came out with the Spec V ( special version ).

Major changes & improvement of  this new version :

1. Most of the area or panel replaced by carbon fibre , such as the rear spoiler , front grille , central console & the semi bucket seat as well.
2.Titanum exhaust pipe.
3.More refined suspension system.
4.Carbon ceramic brakes.
5.20" NISMO 6 parallel sport wheel.
6.Metalic black Opal paint work.
7.60kg lighter compared to the standard version.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nissan Skyline GTR ( R35 ) 2007 ( Spice From The Oriental ) Ebbro 1:43

Nissan Skyline has been the flagship of Nissan performance sport car since 1969.Is consider the trade mark and representative of  Japanese sport car to the world.

This current 2 doors large coupe ( the 6th generation ) immediately  has become the massive "Spot Light " & central stage since 2007 launch.Achieving 7 minutes & 28 second lap time in Germany famous Nurbugring race track , one second ahead of the Porsche 911 Turbo 997 and become a global controversial topic ever since untill today.

No one will believe that a small Japanese car manufacturer formerly known as Datsun capable to produce a sport car that compatible with other european sport car.

Let us hope that Nissan will continue to produce more greater sport car in the near future.

 Technical Specification :
Engine  capicity & layout   :  front position , 3.8 litre
                                                 Twin Turbo ( V6 ) 
Horse Power                        : 485bhp
Maximun Torque                 : 588Nm
Kerb Weight                         : 1730kg
Transmission                        :  6 Speed Automatic with
                                                 dual clutch  
                                                 All Wheel Drive System
0  to 100km                           : 3.2 second with launch control
                                                 & 3.8 without
Price OTR ( 2008 )              : RM699,000.00
Price OTR  ( Now )              : RM450,000.00

Closest   Rival   :    Porsche 911 Turbo 997 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spot The different Between The Father & Son ( Fairlady Z Internal Affair )

No matter how you look at this 2 model , i just like it the way they are.

Between the father & son ....there are no winning or losing and this is because they are both champion.

Is a "Win Win" situation. Both look just perfectly on their own.

Fair well to the lady. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nissan Fairlady 370Z ( 2008 ) EBBRO 1:43

When this new model release ...i was like.. .WTH , OMG , what have they done with the car ??? To be honest i really don't like it and feel disappointed at the 1st sign.
But... . ..but ..when i calm down and really focus on the changes / facelift , it just amazing view from any angle.

At the end , i fall in love with it with all the reason.It took a genius to reform / reshape from the predecessor ( 350Z ) to the next level and it works.

This new 370Z  wheelbase is 100mm ( 4 inches ) shorter , body width are broader 33mm , body height are 7.6mm lower Overall length reduced 69mm.
All this improvement is to focus on the car handling in term of speeding , cornering & overtaking.
Light weight material such as aluminium & carbon fiber have been apply in many area in the car and the weight is 50kg ligther than the 350Z but the rigidity has improved remarkably by 30%.

Technical Specification : 
Generation code name  :  Z 34

Engine layout                 :  front engine , 3.7 Litre ,V6
Horse Power                  :  326bhp 
Maximun Torque           :  366 Nm
Transmission                  :  7 Speed auto / 6 Speed Manual ,
                                           RWD , ( Features Syncro Rev =
                                            Unique Manual gearbox )
                                           Only available in the sport Package
                                           < 1st kind of it own in the world >
Closest Rival  :  BMW M 1 Series   ( 335i )
                           BMW Z4 M Coupe ( 3.3 )
                           Porsche Cayman S  ( 3.4 )

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nissan Fairlady 350Z ( 2005 ) EBBRO 1:43

My favourite Nissan sport cars are the powerfull Skyline's range , Infiniti & Oh course , this gorgeous looking Fairlady 350Z especially in red.

This is the fifth generation of this particular model since 1970.They took the name direct from the movie 
 "My Fair Lady ".

The design , the price & the performance really rocks when it first market to the whole world in 2002.

Technical Specification :
Generation Code Name  : Z 33
Engine layout                  : Front engine , 3.5 Litre  V6 
Horse Power                   : 300bhp
Maximun Torque            : 350 Nm
Transmission                   : 6 Speed Manual  / 
                                            5 Speed Automatic
                                            Rear wheel drive

Closest Rival  : BMW Z4 ( 3.0i ) & Audi TT ( 3.2 Quattro )