Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nissan Fairlady 370Z ( 2008 ) EBBRO 1:43

When this new model release ...i was like.. .WTH , OMG , what have they done with the car ??? To be honest i really don't like it and feel disappointed at the 1st sign.
But... . ..but ..when i calm down and really focus on the changes / facelift , it just amazing view from any angle.

At the end , i fall in love with it with all the reason.It took a genius to reform / reshape from the predecessor ( 350Z ) to the next level and it works.

This new 370Z  wheelbase is 100mm ( 4 inches ) shorter , body width are broader 33mm , body height are 7.6mm lower Overall length reduced 69mm.
All this improvement is to focus on the car handling in term of speeding , cornering & overtaking.
Light weight material such as aluminium & carbon fiber have been apply in many area in the car and the weight is 50kg ligther than the 350Z but the rigidity has improved remarkably by 30%.

Technical Specification : 
Generation code name  :  Z 34

Engine layout                 :  front engine , 3.7 Litre ,V6
Horse Power                  :  326bhp 
Maximun Torque           :  366 Nm
Transmission                  :  7 Speed auto / 6 Speed Manual ,
                                           RWD , ( Features Syncro Rev =
                                            Unique Manual gearbox )
                                           Only available in the sport Package
                                           < 1st kind of it own in the world >
Closest Rival  :  BMW M 1 Series   ( 335i )
                           BMW Z4 M Coupe ( 3.3 )
                           Porsche Cayman S  ( 3.4 )


Bowerbird said...

Nice car...

Kin said...

Hi Mervin ,

Long time & i hope you & family are in a great shape. really a beautiful sport car to look at.

Hope to see you more often.

Cheers :)

PS: Merry x'mas to everyone.