Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nissan Fairlady 350Z ( 2005 ) EBBRO 1:43

My favourite Nissan sport cars are the powerfull Skyline's range , Infiniti & Oh course , this gorgeous looking Fairlady 350Z especially in red.

This is the fifth generation of this particular model since 1970.They took the name direct from the movie 
 "My Fair Lady ".

The design , the price & the performance really rocks when it first market to the whole world in 2002.

Technical Specification :
Generation Code Name  : Z 33
Engine layout                  : Front engine , 3.5 Litre  V6 
Horse Power                   : 300bhp
Maximun Torque            : 350 Nm
Transmission                   : 6 Speed Manual  / 
                                            5 Speed Automatic
                                            Rear wheel drive

Closest Rival  : BMW Z4 ( 3.0i ) & Audi TT ( 3.2 Quattro )


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
Cool auto model! I see an actual 1:1 almost every day :-) it's in the car wash service I go too. It's a red 350Z as well :-). The actual wheels are huge and mean engine noise!

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Yes , i guess this beautiful sport car has in fact captured many attention of both gender in this world ,therefore it can be seen everywhere.
What a co-incident , my neighbour also own one , also in red but he didn't take great care of it.
Good maintenance is the key word for everythings especially when comes to cars.
But what really capture me is the 2010 40th aniversary edition , really stuning & gorgeous.
I'm sure you can it the image in Google.

Thanks ,

Cheers :)


atai said...

wow... nice catch!! congrats!!
where do you get it from kin?

Kin said...

Hi Atai ,

I brought it from Ebay.

Very nice detail , acurate porpotion & nice colour as well.


Cheers :)


Irene Chong said...

Hello Kin,
Do u made those car for selling ? or just for yr own collection ?

Kin said...

Hi Irene ,

Is for my own collection.Most of the car i collected are my dream car.

In fact i have this dream to own a 100 units of real sport cars in my 3 storey villa on a 400 hectares of land which equal to 1 sq kilometer x 4 times.
The 3 storey villa consists of 12 rooms , 2 swiming pool , 2 tennis court , a small racing track , a heli pad , a workshop or garage & some hills full of beautiful trees.
That is my ultimate goal..but..he..he.. just a dream.Is free , so don't be afraid to excell your dreams.

Year end is approaching , X'mas also around the corner.
I would like to wish you & family a marvellous 2012 ahead & a happy new year.

Cheers :)