Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Short Story Behind Ferruccio Lamborghini & his Magnificent Sport Car Creation ( Part 1 )

The Great Ferruccio Lamborghini

  •  Founder : Ferruccio Lamborghini
  •  Born      :  April 28th , 1916.
  •  Passed Away   : February 20th , 1993 .
  • Lamborghini Company established  :  October 30th , 1963.
  • He was born in a rich family in Cento , northern Italy & his father is runing a farming business.But his interest in farming machinery since young age & that influence him to pursue education in engineering rather than argiculture.
  • After he graduated from technical college he then join the ( National Service ) Italy air force maintence support team.Soon after almost the end of WW II  in 1945 & he's been captured in Britain detention for certain period of time.
  • In 1947 he married with his 1st wife & give birth to a child ( boy ) & his wife die( Her name was untold ) during the delivery & he named his son Antonio.  
  • Sooner in 1948 he venture into design & build  tractor under his name "Lamborghini" for argiculture , his tractor models sold about 1000 units a year & also one of the largest argiculture equipment manufacturer in the mid 50's.He also gamble his fortune into oil heater factory & air conditioning business in1959.

      • He love & passionated on sport cars & he owns a lot of cars such as Mercedes Benz 300L , Alfa Romeo , Maseratti 3500GT  & the Ferrari 250GT.

      • But he then find that the Ferrari engine was too rough & noisy for a road car.He told the mechanic to look into his proposal to improve the sound of the car.He was then rejected & soon complain to Enzo Ferrari about the incident.

      • Then he was told "We don't need any opinion from a farmer".Ferruccio Lamborghini was very disappointed & upset about their poor reply & services.He very determine & he modified his own Ferrari 250GT to meet his requirement & at last he made it.

      • His dertermination & passion of cars that drive him to venture into a new era of super car making.

      •  He faces many obstacle & challenges during the begining of his automobile business then struggle from financial debts , partnerships & the oil crisis in 1973.

      • He sold his company 's share to his good friends & others hope to keep company survive.But the company really gone through a lot of  "Punching" untill in 1998 the Lamborghini company was sold to Audi.

      • Ferruccio Lamborghini then pursue another industry in producing wine in his own soil after no longer with the car business & he pass away due to heart attack. 

      • The famous "Bull fighting" of Spain is his most passionate sport event.That is why all the Lamborghini super car's name are inspired by it.