Friday, August 27, 2010

The Porsche Must Know Short History

Sir. Fedinand Porsche
  • Founder :   Ferdinand Porsche
  • Born      :  3rd September 1875
  • Pass Away  : 30th January 1951
  • HQ        :    Stuttgart ,Germany. The word Stuttgart , stutt means "Horse" and gart means " Garden ".
  • Established  : Since 1931 , mother company is Volkwagen
  • Is a luxury sport car manufacturer .
  • Porsche means " Horse " in German language.
  • Ferdinad Porsche is an mechanical engineer and also design and build  the 1st VW's "Bettle" car.
  • The 1st Porsche car was build in 1939 but still utilized component and parts from VW.
  • During World War II , Porsche company was order to produce Nazi military infantry vehicle such as the "Tiger Tank ".
  • Ferdinand was arrested during WW II due to war crime in 15 Dec 1945 and in prison for 20 months.
     Released in August 1947.
  •  Sir.Ferdinand Porsche pass away in 1951 suffer from a stroke.
  • 2nd Generation
  • Ferry Porsche 
  • Born  : 19th September 1909
  • Pass Away  :  27th March 1998
  • The son of Sir.Fedinand Porsche , Ferry Porsche was continue his father legacy and he is the person who design the 356 Speedter and also invented the 911 range.
  • 911 range was 1st  found in 1964 , the rear and flat boxer engine was born since then.
  • Porsche received  prestigious award from J.D. Paul and Associate for highest ranking name plate in it's intitial study ( IQS ) of automobile brand.
  • Porsche also share their expectise and consultancy work  to many others car manufacturer such as Subaru flat boxster engine and most likely to design the new revolution water cooled engine and gearbox in the Harley Davidson's "V- Rod" motorcycle.
  • 911 ( 997 ) range are the top selling model  since June 2006 and also to present day.
  • The Porsche Cayenne is sharing the same chassic with the VW Toureg and also Audi Q7.
  • Porsche has become one of the primary and major player in the high performance luxury sport car segment in the world.
  • It is a life style car and it bring you to greater highs and it represent who you are and status. 
  • So , next time when you driving one on the road just let the car do the talking.  
  •  Ferdinand Piech ( Son of Ferry's sister Louise Porsche ) who was the CEO & Chairman from 1993 to 2002.
  • The present CEO is Dr.Wolfgang Porsche ( Son of Ferry ) who taking care of the empire.

Older Ferry Porsche

Pictures courtesy of  wikipedia & Google

Younger Ferry Porsche

My Collection For Porsche 911 Carrera S 997 ( 2005 ) Autoart 1:43

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Collection For Audi R8 V10 Super Sport Car 1:43 From Schuco

The Audi R8 Super Sport Car Of The 21st Century

  • Is a prototype race car introduced in 2000 which originally from Audi R8R .
  • Started race since 1999 and win podium finish from 2000 to 2005 .
  • It was powered by V8 Twin Turbo engine in 2003.
  • Later on was replaced by new Audi R10 TDI ( Turbo Diesel Engine ) in 2006.
  • The name Audi R8 used by production road sport car which based on 2003 Audi Le mans quattro concept car which production started in 2000.
  • Engine capacity and layout : V10 ( 5.204CC ) FSI 518BHP, AWD .
  • Greatest Rival : Porsche Carrera GT V10 5.7Litre and  Mercedes Mclaren SLR V8 6.3Litre.
     Audi R8 Le Mans Race Car 2006

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 2010 Volvo S80 2.5T Test Drive Diary

  • I still remember my 1st visit to Volvo showroom about 4 or 5 years ago.I always fascinated by the Volvo technology especially the safety features.
  • The model i had tested few years back was S60 T5 , meaning : S - Sedan , T - Turbo and  5 - 5 cylinder.
  1. Is a wonderfull car to drive , FWD , powerfull ( 260bhp ) , superb handling and a good price tag about RM235K at that time.
  • The model that i tested last weekend soon after the Hunydai was the new Volvo S80 2.5T. 2.5Litre and FWD.
  • This new model comes with a new 2.5 Litre and tune up the power to 231bhp with 340 of torque.Wow!! that is a lot of power for a car. Price OTR is RM295k.
  • Head and legs room both front and back are are edequate and comfortable as well.
  • Volvo S80 Special Features :
  • ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control - Whenever you driving on the road , vehicle in front of you slow down and the system will adjust to the same speed automatically and keep a safe distance between 2 cars. There is a radar in front of the car to sence all the incoming object within a safe distance.
  • BLIS - Blind Spot Information System - Whenever there's a vehicle appear in the blind spot of your side mirror. The blinking light will emerged to alert the driver to pay attention.
  • SIPS - Side Impact Protection System - This special feature allow all the force during side collision to transfer or disturbute all the impact to back of the car.This is to redirect the impact  without harming the passenger.
  • The engine will drop to lower level automatically during serious front collision this is to avoid the engine from go further to injure the passenger.
  • Others feature like Volvo use "Boron " steel for fatal area or the cabin . This is the strongest steel grade under heavy industry catergory.
  • Cross steel bar at all the 4 doors sides to protect and absorb impact during collision.
  • Aleast 10 to 12 air bag will deploy during serious impact that include the 2 at the front , 4 curtain , 4 side head  , all the 5 seat is equips with protective air bag as well to minimize injury.
  • Traction control , EBD - Electronic Break Distribution , Over taking without signal will trigger the "Bee , Bee" sound to alert the driver neither he or she is sleeply or over taking dangerously.
  • Please make yourself a time to visit your nearest Volvo dealer to find out this wonderfull car plus all the safety features and educational as well. 
  • Did you know the 3 point safety belt system we all used today was invented by Volvo's engineer back to 1965 therefore all the vehicle manufacturer still have to pay royalty to Volvo today.
  • Please contact En.Jusman Bin Roman at 019-6108520 at Sg.Besi Showroom for a ride of  a lifetime.