Monday, November 8, 2010

Mazda 2 Sedan test Drive Diary

Hi everyone.Mazda recently come up with a smaller car package which is the Mazda 2.It comes with 4 doors sedan and 5 doors hatch back.
  • Both from the outside and inside just look stuning.The design is very sporty and active feel definately suite today younger generation taste and lifestyle.
  • Simple and yet consist of rich blends of european recipe.Black light weight plastic for the interior has been the primary choice for such small car.
  • Gorgeous and compact design for the cockpit , steering grips , door panel triming and the seat.Oh course!
  • I have driven it and it just surprisingly powerfull , smooth to operate and comfortable as well.
  • Ideal for a small family out for any activity in a short road trip within the 100 to 150km radius.
  • Closest rival : Toyota Vios 1.5L , Honda City 1.5L and Ford Fiesta.
  • Price OTR for Sedan is from RM82K TO RM86K++ and for Hatch Back is from RM86K to RM89K++.
  • Most people afraid of Mazda depreciation after few year compare to Honda & Toyota because the market share is not justified.
  • Don't worry on that aspect as Mazda's automobile is famous of  it durability , endurance and the practicality anyway is Japanese technology.

Technical Spec :  

A. Engine capacity is 1.5 litre ( 1498 CC ) , front engine and FWD.
B. 103 bhp , Max. Torque is 135 Nm.( Edequate power for such small car ).
C. 4 speed automatic gear box.
D. 15" or 16" rims depending on the package.

The small little black flat button is press to open the boot.

Special Features :

A.Electric Power steering 
B.Fuel injection electronically controlled
C.Strong and light weight steel bodyshell to enhance      performance by all means
D.Engine driven by timing chain
E.Push to open button for boot

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danielh said...

never thought that this mazda 2 almost on par with vios and city.
thanks for sharing.

Kin said...

Hi Daniel ,

Is a beautiful car & worth to buy for everyday driving or weekend's activities.

So what would you choose Toyota Vios , Honda City or Ford Fiesta ?

Wait for your reply.

Anyway thanks for your visit.


saruman said...


Kin said...

Hi Saruman,

Yeah! It really "COOL" when drive it & feel the car with all your sences.
So , make time to test drive one this weekend.I'm sure you & others are going to like it as well.

Thanks for your comment.


Restidiecast said...

Hello Kin.
Very nice review on this Mazda sedan. It looks great on color white.

Kin said...

Hi Resti,

Mazda is one of my favourite Japanese
car brand.

Performance & handling is their core.

Thanks for the comments.


Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Hi Kin!
I know this car very well. I was testing "2" two months ago. It was version before facelifit. As I can see You present new model, right? Sedan looks quite well - only small whells are funny :) Unfortunately it isn't available here in Poland. We've got only hatchback, but is very cool and preety. Greetings Dude!

Kin said...

Hi Marjan ,

I glad you are back.I'm sure everyone is more busy approaching year end including myself.
Yeah!!! Mazda 2 hatch look nice & sporty.Price for HB is RM5,000 higher compare to sedan version.
Is a very good & fun car to drive.

See you again.


komenda said...

Great review Kin.
These sub-compacts are practical and fun!

Kin said...

Hi Erwin,

Yes indeed it is a fantatic small car to enjoy.

Glad you like it too.


chicago 2011 mazda 2 said...

Thanks for this useful sharing about Mazda2. It helped me too much for getting some information about Mazda before buying.

Kin said...

Hi Chicago ,

Thank you so much for dropping by I certainly appreciated that.
Like i say to all the blogger or to all the people from around the globe.
You are always welcome anytime to view & comment about my work.
Don't ever feel hesitate to comment no matter is good or bad because i'm still in the stage of learning.

Thanks ,