Friday, November 12, 2010

2008 Ford Fiesta Test Drive Diary ( The Sixth generation )

Recently there is a new kid in town.After a long wait finally the mighty & gorgeous "FORD FIESTA" is  here in Malaysia.Both available in Hatch Back and Sedan.
I have seen it in the magazine and now is time to meet the real one.
  • It's fall under the " SuperCompact " or "Super Mini Car" catergory.
  • It was a long queue that early mornig , very crowded , a lot of people is exicited about the new launch of this very hot & spicy Ford Fiesta "Hot Hatch".
  • I was amazed by it striking look both exterior and interior , modernize design suitable for urban vibes , aerodynamic shape from front to rear , handsome sport rims , superb both head and tail lights shape , rear wing spoiler and also the  diffuser .It just awesome!!!
  • I  take a spin but only for a while you already relish this small car and make you stay longer and keep on driving forever.
  • The ride is speechless , very powerfull , very responsive when comes to gear shifting , brakes , fast cornering , enjoyable ride , comfortable feels and etc.
  • The sad things is that the only assembly factory which still share with Mazda in Thailand only managed to produce 4,500 units a month at maximun out put.
  • Due to the global high demands therefore Ford has increased the production another 30 % to cope with the pace.
  • When comes to runing cost ( maintenance ) Ford is among the lowest for continental car and only 15% higher compare to Japanese car.
  • It's really a great bargain for such package.Is a Ford.
Technical Specification :

1.Front Engine : 1.6 litre ( 120bhp ) , 152 N/m 6 speed power shift gear box similiar to VW's DSG for Sedan and Hatch Back .
2.Sport Rims : 15" for  Sedan and 16" for Hatch Back.
3.Front Engine : 1.4 Litre ( 96bhp ) , 128N/m 5 speed gear box and only available for Hatch Back.this model comes with lighter body shell.
4.Hatch Back price OTR : RM82,888 , Sedan is RM78,888 and the 1.4L is RM72,888
 Closest Rival : Mazda 2

Please do contact Mr.Kenny Siew at 017-8819073 for further details & test drive.


Danny said...

Nice review. The Fiesta looks really good, and the price is reasonable too. Hopefully can get one soon. :P

Kin said...

Hi Danny ,

Yeah!!!I agree with you.Is a sexy & hot Hatch Back.
Come with a good price as well.If this model fully imported from UK.
It will be around RM130K.
I'm sure it suite you better , young man like you should have it.

Thanks for your visit & comment.Hope to see you more often.Danny.


atai said...

Ken Block's stunt car!! ahaksss....

Kin said...

Hi Atai ,

Yes!!! Is Ken Block's Ford Fiesta rally car.
Such a talented driver from the state.
Thanks for your visit & comment.


Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Hello Kin!
I know this Fiesta very well! In my opinion is really stylish car, quite comfort. I watched new Fiesta about two months ago, but unfortunately I wasn't able to do test drive, because loccal dealer hasn't got registered car. But yes! I like it! Rally driver from Kielce (country where I live) - Michał Sołowow has got one s2000 and races it in european championship with pretty large successes. More info here:
Greetings Kin!

Kin said...

Hi Marjan ,

Yup!!! It is a very sporty & striking look & with good performance.
I hope you will get 1st hand driving experience very soon then you can share me & others as well.
This model also been selected in rallying events.

Thank you marjan.Hope to see you again.

Greeting from Malaysia.

komenda said...

Hi Kin,
I adore this new sub-compact hatch!
It's wonderful car and very satisfied with it :-)

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Yes !!! indeed it is a irresistible invitation.
Is selling like hot cake not just in Asia Pacific but the whole world.

Glad you have tested it & now have to wait feedback from Marjan.

Thanks for your visit & comment.


saruman said...


Kin said...

Hi Saruman ,

Yup!!! I'm sure you like it too.Make time to go to your nearest Ford dealer to feel it.

Thank for your visit & comment.Hope to see you more often.