Thursday, January 13, 2011

S.O.S & Red Alert To All Man kind & Others Living Sentient Being On Planet Earth

Hello to everyone.Is been a month now that i didn't  update my space.Busy on and off with my work , kids & family's stuff.

But today  i'm not going to touch on the topic on automobile or any kinds.I'm suspended that for a moment due to the recent natural disaster such as "Land slides in Brazil , Floods in the Philipines and the most of all the devastated massive storm that destroy countless homeland , schools , towns , cities , offices , factories , hospitals and etc in Queensland.Dead birds dropped from the skies  in many country , same goes to the fishes died and swept to shore in some country , extreme thick snow , extreme cold weather and deadly blizzard in the northern atmosphere and some others political issues and many more.

But most of all is there are many were died , some are missing and the numbers are still on the rise in the recent disaster.What is going on to our world today ? A lot of large scale catastrophe happen soon one and another since the "2004  TSUNAMI".

Are the Maya people speculation is correct about the "Big Changes In 2012 " ? Are Global warming caused by human activities ? Never ,never test the limits of "Mother Nature".

All this seems like in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".I 
have seen the National Geographic channel about all this sign
lead to "The Big Freeze ".It is true ?

We may not be able to control the weather or natural disaster from keep happening.But there is somethings we could do.

All i wish and hope is that all the human races would left all the selfishness , ego , conflict of interest , profit & many  more behind and let start cultivate the spirit and the courage to forgive and forget , to care and nurture , to give rather than to take , to embrace rather than disgrace , to preserve rather than to destroy , to say yes to good and say no to bad and many others that we could think of to make a better place to live & stay.

Let do our part to heal this world by all means.I would like to send my deepest condolence to all the victims that died in the recent tragedy around the world and also in Malaysia.

God Bless to all of us.

The Floods in Philipines in September Last year .

 The Recent massive Flood In Queenland ,Australia.

Land Slides In Brazil.