Sunday, December 4, 2011

OZ Sport Rim Short History

Another amazing invention or "Vital" accessories that need to pay respect & honour.I'm sure whoever love motorsport whether in formula 1 , touring car or rallying.The OZ brand is always there.

Founder         : Silvano Oselladore & Pietro Zen( OZ - 
                          combined of the 2 founders's family )

Industry         : Alloy wheels manufacturer for both cars 
                          & motorcycle

Established    : 1971

Initial  location   : Filling station in Rosano Veneto ,

Current  Location  : San Martini Di Lupani , Italy

OZ company produces alloy wheels for motorsport , after market & also OEM for motorcycle wheels & as well as customization work for automobile tuners & designers such as Bertona , Pininfarina , AMG & Hartge.

OZ also incorporated with SPARCO and the main rival is BBS.

Involvement In Motorsport
1. Begin supply to F1 racing since 1984.

2.Toyota rally team in 1990.

3.William F1 team in 1996.

4.Indianapolis 500 race in 1997.

5.Main supplier to Peugeot & Subaru WRC rally team in 2000 & 2001.

6.In present , OZ still play an important rules as a key supplier to F1 team such as Redbull racing team , Lotus Renault , Audi DTM & GP 3 series.

OZ company supply  90% in WRC segment &  80% in Indy racing.

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komenda said...

Hi Mike!
This wheel is one of current best choice. A special VW Golf, the R32 is with this wheels as original equipment. Very sporty and elegant at the same time.

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Yup!!! I'm sure it fits your Ford Focus perfectly as well.

The most handsome sport rim 17" for Subaru & Peugeot team on tarmac in 2000 to 2003.

Thanks ,

Cheers :)