Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nissan Automobile Short Story

Founder                   :   Masujiro Hashimato  & 5 others.

Established  since   :   26th December ,1933

Head Quater          :   Nishi-Ku , Yokohama , Japan
                                ( Official register in Kanagawa )

Industry                  :  Automobile , Financial Services
                                    & Engineering

Present Chairman & CEO  :  Carlos Ghosn

Firstly known as Datsun in 1914.The 1st Datsun vehicle named DAT  in 1925.Datsun change to Nissan in 1933.

The 1st Nissan Fairlady 240Z sport coupe in 1970 has in fact escalated the image & status in automobile industry worldwide.

Nissan merged with Renault manufacturer from Spain in 1999.Nissan also forms partnership with many giant such as Ford from the state , Austin from Britain & Prince motor from Japan.
Then later also corporated with Daimler from Germany on certain scale.

Nissan also expand it's empire by setting new production lines in US , China , India , Europe , Brazil  & others.

Nissan V6 engine has in fact recognized as 10 best engine for 14 years straight.

Nissan Skyline GTR , Infiniti & Fairlady will be the high performance sport car in global up market segment.

Nissan Leaf  was the grand winner of 2010 Green Car Vision Award.

Carlos Ghosn ( Present CEO )

Nissan Leaf  < Green Car Award >
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