Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photo Shooting Method Upgrade

Captured sharp & good quality photo is essential for viewing pleasure.I have always pushing myself on this all the time and i'm still learning , updating & catch up with all the latest gizmo in photography from time to time within my affordability.
Most of my knowledge are either from the magazine , youtube workshop video and most of all , the valuable hand on  experience sharing from professional photographer.

Due to the limited capability of the compact camera , therefore i decided to purchase a entry level DSLR camera as a initial investment to capture better quality images.

I hope to bring more interesting & dynamic photography into my work and share with everyone in the near future.Hopefully you also could share yours too.

Good bye everyone  , take care and see you all again ,


The 1st 3 images by Canon DSLR camera and the following was taken by Oylmpus
Compact Camera .
So , you could clearly see the different in term of the sharpness & the quality.