Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 VW Passat CC Test Drive Diary

  • Volks Wagen's brand has always be one of my primary choice among others German auto maker.I like it's practicality and  style. 
    • Volks means "folks" or "people" & wagen means "wagon" or "car" and conclusion is "People Car".
    • Passat CC = CC means Comfort Coupe.
      • Recently i went to one of the VW dealership to try this fantatic Passat CC.This coupe sedan concept is base on the same as the Mercedes Benz CLS.
        •  The exterior out line has been carefully design & curve brillantly it just  feels like the body of sexy lady as well as the interior.
          • Although there's no sophisticated technology massively apply in this car other than the DSG gear box but you will never get borned  whenever entering this VW Passat CC.
            • The well balance design and also the beauty  from the dashboard curve line ,  steering grips , central console with the handy gear knob , the seat was so comfortable and superb leather feel , detail triming work of the door panel  , door handle , lights cover it just so enchanting and mesmerizing.
              • When i driving it the 1st time.Wow!!! just unbelievable and it so comfort almost like floating in the air ( suspension in comfort mode ).
                • The power of  the torque is just staggering which i not yet shift to "SPORT" mode. Just image you speeding at 160km/h but feels  like just cruising.
                  • Thank you for the amazing DSG gear box meaning "Direct Shift Gear" which's also means the gear changing ratio is more efficient and faster( faster shift time ) than the convientional gear box.
                    • Passenger seat in fact for coupe concept is four but VW is going to make five seater version soon.
                      • It's really a good bargain and the price tag at RM243,888.00 same price as the VW Scirroco. If you compare to the Mercedea Benz CLS which cost around RM700 TO 800K during new launching.
                        • In fact there is no such car come close to this specification and this price as well.I strongly recommand to those who has the badget between RM200 TO 300K.Just go for it and i ensure you will never regret. 
                          • Technical Specification
                            • Front engine : 1998 cc , 200bhp , max torque is 280N/m , 6 speed DSG ( semi auto ) , FWD ,4 passenger seat ,kerb weight is 1454kg  and  1st production since 2008.
                            • Please contact Ms.Alison Teoh ( Sales Consultant ) at  012-3749295 for more information or test drive.