Monday, November 28, 2011

ARAI Crash Helmet Short Stroy

HELMET  is one of the most important safety gear since the ancient time where soldiers wear them to protect their head from falling objects or arrows during battle.

In today modern civilization world  , helmet not just a protective sheild but it can be very stylish too.

Let us slow down the pace and review this beautifull or "Cool" gear.

Founder                       :  Hirotake Arai 

Company established  :  1926

Industry                       :  Crash helmet manufacturer for

Present Key Person    :  Michio Arai & Akihito Arai

Initially the company was producing hat. As the rapid changes of the industry , they also shift from normal hat to vehicle helmet and every Arai helmet is made by hand.

According to the J.D. Power & Associates motorcycle helmet satisfaction studies , Arai helmet has been rank as the 1st in consumer satisfaction for all the years.

 Closest rival : Shoei , Bell and many more.

Arai Official Logo

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danielh said...

now i know the ARAI helmet are from two founder that make these famous brand today.

thanks for sharing.

Kin said...

Hi Daniel ,

Actually is the father and then pass on to his 2 sons.

Yup! Is a famous brand around the globe.
When you riding a superbike without it , it just like nescafe with on coffemate !!!
Is really "Cool" looking as well.

Thanks & cheers :)