Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brembo Short Histroy

Hi everyone.Let us take a step back and  review the importants of this super brand in automotive world.

Industry          :    Brake system manufacturer
Established     :   1961 in Bergamo , Italy 
Founder         :    Emilio Bombassei

  • The company supply mainly to high performance sport cars & motorcycles.Initially Alfa Romeo & Moto Guzzi consider their primary customers and the supply chains become larger in the early 80s when BMW , Mercedes Benz , Porsche and  many others also utilize their products.
    • After many years of hard work and sucessfull business ,in 1995 they listed in the stock exchange board in Milan.
    • Untill this days , Brembo produces more than 1,300 products worldwide.Due to their product quality assurance and highly rated , the company was awarded QS9000 & ISO9001 certification.
    • Nowadays, you could easily find Brembo brake system in every sport cars or super bikes and even in motorsport as well.Is a must in every fast moving vehicles , a perfect partner on wheels and it just don't consider a complete  package without it.
    • Thankyou so much  for this spectacular component that play the most important rules in the safety aspect because super fast car need to slow down or stop effectively during high speed.
    • Braking system consist of  brake disc , brake pad , caliper , piston and cable connection control by the driver. 

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    komenda said...

    Hi Kin,
    Surely agree; if one wants to go fast, the brakes should match up. It's a wonderful image to see red Brembo brakes on a white Porsche ;-) very striking combination!

    Kin said...

    Hi Erwin ,

    Wow!!! Long time no see n i'm sure you are busy due to your tight working schedule.
    Yup! You are correct about the fact that effective braking system is vital for high performance sport cars ,motorcycle & other vehicles , because every split second is matter to determine the safety of the driver & passengers.
    It looks cool & handsome as well as one of the perfect partner with the wheel.

    See you next time n take care.

    Cheers :)


    Irene Chong said...

    Hi Kin,
    I m here to wish u happy hari raya & happy long holiday to u and enjoy yr holiday wt yr lovely family members ya !!! ^_^


    Kin said...

    Hi Irene ,

    Thanks a lots & i wish the same things to you n family.

    Cheers :)


    Arun Gupta said...

    this cars are not having huge production i want to this in my city also...
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    Kin said...

    Hi Mr.Arun ,

    Thankyou so much for your visit & comment.
    Your reply is on the Audi R8.Right ? Not on Brembo.

    Thanks ,