Monday, September 6, 2010

My Collection For Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro Both 1981 Version & 2010 Concept


komenda said...

Nice theme collect :-)
Do you have the VW BumbleBee too?

Kin said...

Hi Komenda ,

I don't have the VW but wish to collect soon if available in the market.
I glad you like it too.This collection i just have by luck.

Thanks for the viewing & comment.


danielh said...

nice camaros bumblebee collection! from jada toys?

Kin said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the viewing & comment.


Danny said...

The 2010 camaro looks awesome! how much did u get it for? :)

Kin said...

Hi Danny ,

RM80.00 nett for both in a casing.Worth to collect.
I brought it from Atria Damansara Jaya 2nd flr.You can try.

Good Luck.


blog is terminated said...

nice camaros, bumblebee is my fav car of transformer... I also have one of the new camaro on 1/24....

Kin said...

Hi Mervin,

Me myself also like Bumblebee character especially in the disguise vehicle mode Camaro Concept car 2010.Wow!!! Stuning!

I'm glad you like it too.

Thanks for your viewing & comment.


Jovet's Garage said...

Nice shots, are they from the Jada Toys 2 Car gift Set? I think I wanna watch TF movie again later...haha!

Kin said...

Hi Jovet,

Welcome & thank you for dropping by.Finally you are here.
About whether is from Jada,ah....i'm sure yet due to there's no Jada trademark.Only "Big Time Muscle".

Thanks for your follow , view & comment.