Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mazda RX 8 - My Blue Angel ( Sport Quad Doors Coupe ) AUTOart 1:43

Mazda car manufacturer has play an important rules in producing sport car since the last  4 dedace.Competing along with others player from the same home soil such as Nissan , Toyota , Honda as well as from the europe & the state.

The Mazda RX8  is a great sucess compared to the predecessor RX7 which mostly sold in Japan and Mazda RX8 was first introduced since 2001.

Production ended in 2011.

Unique Features :
A. Powered by a rotary engine which consists of  ( 2 x 654 
     = 1308 CC configuration ).
B. "4 doors quad coupe concept" or "Suicide Doors " which's
     provides full excess to the cabin.
C. It is a truely a unique design of the central console from the 
     front right up to the end and it only meant for 4 pessengers 
D. 50:50 front & rear weight distribution.Some body part  are      made of aluminium & plastic but mostly steel.

Mazda also comes with many version such as Shinka ,Evolve ,
 PZ ,Nemesis ,Kuro , 40th anniversary ,true red style ,hdrogen
 RE ,Mazdaspeed & NRA.

Wining many awards since 2003 includes "International best engine of the year " , "Best handling car " , "Best sport car of the year " & many more.

Technical Specification :
Engine Capacity     :  2 x 654 = 1308 CC configuration , 
                                     front engine
Horse Power           :  212Bhp ( based on 6 Speed Auto )
Maximun Torque    :  215Nm 
Transmission           :  4/6 Speed Auto or  5/6 Speed manual 
Kerb Weight            : Auto - 1384kg   Manual - 1373kg 

 Closest  Rival  :  Nissan 350Z  & Audi TT

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The Picture Of A Rotary Engine


AccroCitroën said...

nice post mate, you should add some citroën to your collection :p (I collect Citroën only)

Kin said...

Hi AccroCitreon ,

1st of all , thank you so much for your visit & comment.

Yup....indeed i did posted many months ago on the Autoart 1:43 WRC citreon Xsara 2004 by Sebatian Loeb & Elena.

So far i don't have any citreon street car version.

I will come back to bring back the gap which already stop for almost 6 weeks.

Anyway thanks again & hope to see you more often.

Thank you ,

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Unknown said...

Hi, nice job. i am so happy to come across your blog. you have shared a lot information about auto cars with us. hoping to see more! thanks for your sharing!

Kin said...

Hi Caroline ,

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