Saturday, August 11, 2012

Subaru Impreza STI R205 - 2010 ( Kyosho 1:43 )

If you can be better ..then why stop at good.This is what exactly Subaru is doing all the while since the establishment of Subaru Tecnica Internatinal ( STI ) in 1988.

The STI engineering development programme ( R & D ) have always been the core or the heart of Subaru in the pursuit of engineering perfection in producing both high performance sport car & in motorsport racing .

Subaru STI will only choose certain model to developed into a special edition that comes with a limited production.

As usual , whichever model carried the badge of STI will certainly equiped or upgraded with all the high performance parts such as Brembo brake system , STI adjustable suspension system , STI tuned engine , MOMO sport steering , RECARO semi bucket sport seat & BBS sport alloy rims.

Production limited to 400 units worldwide.

R205 techical specification :
 Engine  layout           :  front position with flat 4 stroke , 
                                       2.5 litre with turbo charged 
Transmission              :  6 speed manual    
Horse power              :  300bhp
Maximun Torque      :  410Nm
Drive train                 : Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive

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danielh said...

that was a nice diecast from Kyosho.

Kin said...

Hi Daniel ,

Yeah...Is a nice model but i still find that Kyosho could do better than this i n term of the detailing.
But is nice to keep one.

Thanks ,

Cheers :)

Irene Chong said...

Hi Kin,
How r u ? really long time....:D

Kin said...

Hi Irene ,

1st of all thanks for asking and wish u n family are ok too.

I'm ok too and back on track now.

See you n take care.

Thanks ,

Cheers :)