Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mitsubitshi EVO VI 1999 ( White angel from 3 point mark ) Autoart 1:43

Mitsubitshi EVO VI was a major break through in term of the new shape design right after the conventional squarish / box form from the predecessor EVO V.
It is a good looking sport saloon car in the early 1999 and it's still look good to me until today.This new model have been improved tremendously in overall perspective.

1.The car body design is higher and more aerodynamic - better
    head room and better view from all direction.   
2.Wider body - better stability especially when comes to high
    speed turning or cornering.
3.Integrated rear spoiler / wing - better air flow and created
    more down force.
4. 17" OZ racing sport rims with wider & low profile tyres for 
   better grips.
   Brembo front & back brakes system and high durability
   suspension system / damper.
5.More horse power ( 280bhp ) and more torque ( 300 Nm )
   with 2.0 litres turbo engine.All wheel drive system.
6.RECARO semi bucket sport seat that will never make you
   feel tired especially long distance trips.

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