Monday, July 12, 2010

The Porsche Carrera GT Super Car

  • This could be Porsche most powerfull production car ever made.Is a V10  5.7 litre ( 5733 CC) 612bhp , Rear Wheel Drive, 6 speed manual gear box and 2 seater convertible.
  • The design is truely stunning , astonishing and is actually consider the highest ranking in Porsche family.
  • The most recognizable for this model is the low and wide body ( Lower central of gravity ), the kidney grille( engine cover) and also the retractable rear wing.
  •  The greatest rival will be BMW M6 , Mercedes Mclaren SLR and Audi R8.
Pictures courtesy of  Google & wikipedia


danielh said...

nice pictures and facts on these powerful carrera!
it will be nice to have these in scels models version.

Kin said...

Hi Daniel,
Yeah!This actually a race car but street legal.
I come across an artical about this car have no traction control & it difficult to drive & have to go through a lot of practices.

Thks & Cheers,