Monday, November 22, 2010

The Next Generation Of Autoart Cruiser

Hi everyone.My wife recently give birth to pair of "TWINS".
Both also boy and i'm so excited about it.
My eldest son is David.I named them( the twins ) Darrel( 1st ) and Danny( 2nd).

My eldest Son David with his new twins brother

Darrel ( 1st ) from left and Danny ( 2nd ) to right.


blog is terminated said...

congratulations kin.....

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Awww...Sooo adorable...

Kids are God's greatest gifts.

they're lovely, congrat, dude ;-)p

LEon said...

COngrats to you! :)

Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Wow! What a cute three Guys! Congratulations Kin. Hope that, they will love cars like father ;) Greetings!

danielh said...

congratulation to your newborn, oops it's double congrats to new twin arrivals!

Kin said...

Hi Guys ,

Thanks to Daniel , Marjan , Leon ,Asrul & Mervin.

Is a special moment to me & my family.
But hope at least one of them could continue my legacy.

Thanks Guys,


Restidiecast said...

Wow, twins, thats double blessings Kin!! I guess youre a very proud father. Congratulations to you and your wife!

Kin said...

Hi Resti ,

Yeah!!!You are right.Man.

Thanks for the greeting & blessing from you.

As X'mas is approaching.I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and the rest of Philipines gang ( JD Mike , Erwin , Mervin , Jovet ,Lorenzo , Tinio who else sorry if i'm mention your name. ? "May all your dreams come true".this year.

All the best Resti.Thanks a lot.


Kin said...

Hi There ,

Merry X'mas to Nicadruas & Brain as well.

All the best for this coming season.

May all your dream come true this year.



Restidiecast said...

Hi Kin,
Thanks much as well for the early Christmas greetings. Its the season to be happy. May your dreams be realized too!
REgards. :)

hokuan said...

Congrats Kin! They're adorable :D

Irene Chong said...

Hi Kin,
Congrats to u !!!!恭喜 恭喜。。。:D

Kin said...

Hi there ,

Thank you so much to Resti.X'mas is around the corner.How's time flys.

Thankyou so much to Hokuan & Irene.

All the best to all of you & year end festive season celebration.

Good luck to everyone.


atai said...

congrates on your double joy!!

Kin said...

Hi Atai ,

Thank you for your greeting & blessing.

Sorry forgot to wish you , cowboy ,Asrul & Saruman Hari Raya Haji & wish you and family a Happy New Year.

All the best for next year.

Thanks ,


HACKEN said... u can "kuasa" all your collections to them!

Kin said...

Hi Hacken ,

Thank you for your visit & kind words.

What do you mean by "Kuasa".Means pass to them or something else ?

Anyway wish you & family Merry X'mas year end festive celebration & happy new year.

Thanks man.


JoeWin said...

congratulations , kin for your twin boys. t

Kin said...

Hi JoeWin ,

Hey ! Glad you are back.I was wonder how often you check your mail , facebook & your blog ?
But i'm proud of you because such young age already have your own blog doing things you like.
When i was your age i'm just playing in the bushes , streams ( catching small fish & others ) , playing & chasing kites & etc.
I'm a kampong boy & i'm moch .much older than you.
Anyway you are very courteous & excellent personality at your age.
Thanks for your greeting & kind words for my twins.

Drop by any time you like but makesure finish your school homework 1st.OK ?


manuel said...

I didn´t read your blog. Sorry for doing late. I was sick.

Three boys!!! Oh, you should be very tired!!


Kin said...

Hi Interdomain ,

I hope you have recovered & fit again.Take care of yourself my friend.
Thanks for your kind words about my twins.
Yeah !!! It going to be very busy & challenging but is worthy.Is a life circle where your parents take care of you when you still a baby now is our turn.
As year end is just around the corner i would like to wish you & others Spain's friends a Merry X'mas & a happy new year.

Thanks again Interdomin.


komenda said...

Double Congratulations Kin!
Wonderful blessings and happy to see your twins :-) and eldest as well. A wonderful year indeed for you, and the holiday season is more merrier.

Merry X'mas in advance and more blessing to you and family!

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Thank you for your blessing & greeting.
Yeah!!! At least i got double bonus this year although the economy is very bad & even more competitive.
Most of the people is having a tough time.How's the situation in Philipines ?I think is not bad because you just brought your new Ford Fiesta.Ha...Ha...

This is life.Have to think positive & never look at what you don't have ,cherish what you have.

I would like to wish you & family again Merry X'mas & a Happy new year.In fact i have done this in the earlier feedback to Resti.You can check.

May all the dreams come true to all of us.



Congratulations to your new bundles of joy :) cute babies.

Kin said...

Hi Brian ,

Thank you for your kind words & blessing.

Yeah!!! they are very cute & adorable.Is a bless from god that give me & my wife this pair of "twins".
How's things with you lately.I 'm sure everybody is busy at this moment of time.

I would like to wish you & family & love ones Merry X'mas & a Happy new year.

All the best & thank you.Man.


Danny said...

Congratulations Kin!! Did you name your son after me? :P
Now there will be 2 Danny who love Hot Wheels. :D

Kin said...

Hii Danny ,

Is good to hear hear from you again.Ah...intially i name the 1st same Darrel & 2nd is Dominic but my wife don't like it.
Therefore she choose Danny as replacement.

I would like to wish u & family Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year.

All the best.


Danny said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your family too! :)

Kin said...

Hi Danny ,

Thank you so much & same to you as well.

May all dreams come true this X'mas to you & the rest of our blogger members.