Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Re-shoot Of My Tamiya 1:24 WRC Subaru Rally Car - Night Version ( Monte Carlo Rallye 98' )

Hi guys.I decided to shoot again on this model because i want to showcase all the Subaru models together.

Driver             : Colin McRae
Co -Driver      : Nicky Grist




Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Hi Kin!
What a fantastic 2 doors Subaru Impreza! I'm jealous. Impressive skills You got.

Kin said...

Hi Marjan ,

Not so difficult to do.One thing of this 1:24 modelling is "PATIENCE".
People like us who passionated about car models shouldn't have any problems doing it.
I tell you the whole process is very fun & joyful.

Try one today.Marjan.

Good luck.


atai said...

great job!
Subaru fan, aren't u?

Kin said...

Hi Atai ,

Still have a lot space for improvement in term of detailing touch up.
The dedication & patience to do this kind of work is immense.

Thanks for the comment.Bro.


Restidiecast said...

Hello Kin,
Wow another Subaru. This is a great kit w/ C. Mcrae as the driver. The lights are mean looking!!!

Kin said...

Hi Resti ,

Thanks for your comment again.Yup!!! ...the spotlight is the the car main attraction.
I'm glad you also rally fan as well.

I still have one more Tamiya 1:24 to go before shift to 1:43 AUTOart.

See you.


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
Awesome results on the rally car!
Surely I can see your patience and the quality time you put into building this! Congrats!
Love the photography too!

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Thank again for your visit & kind words.
Anyone who have the same interest & passion also can do this.No big deal.

Is just a matter of commitment & dedication.


Flyboynextdoor said...

Hello, I got this kit in 2006 and now Im rebuilding it in 2013. Complete repaint and redecal. I have a question about one of the parts on the interior. It's a large rectangle with two large bowls carved out of it sitting in the rear seat area. The instructions call for a semi gloss black but I don't know what that part is even after 7 years and owning a Subaru of my own. It looks like a helmet holder?? Do you know what that part is???
Great job on the kit btw!

Kin said...

Hi FlyBoy ,

Is for the driver & the co-driver to place their helmets when they are resting in between stages.

Anyway thankyou so much for your visit & I hope to see you again.

Thanks ,

"Happy New Year 2014".

Warm regards.
Burnet L.Goh