Friday, July 1, 2011

Lamborghini Track Day At Sepang In June 2011

  • Hi Guys.I recently participated in Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 track day at Sepang F1 Circuit.
  •  This prestigious event was organized by the Asia Pacific Automobili Lamborghini Regional Office from Beijing , China.
  • The purpose of this programme is to promote & showcase this particular model - Gallardo LP550-2 and also to capture potential buyers.
  • The guests are from Singapore , Indonesia & Mainly from Malaysia.The crowds is about  between 40 to 50 persons.

Event Sequence :
  • Introduction of the sales and marketing manager , coaches( instructor ) and organizer ( Topspeed motorsport from Shanghai , China ).
  • Lamborghini short story , models range , recent activities , new model launching and coming programme.
  • A ride with the coaches.The coaches are professional racing drivers or instructor from the state & Italy.You will be sitting next to the coach and getting the 1st hand information and instruction how and what to go about the track.
  • After finish with the instructor then everybody would have the chance to drive the car on their own but with wakie takie in the car and follow the instruction by the coaches and the drive is about 5 laps perperson and only utilized 1/3 of the full track .
  • Is really a fantatic experience and great feeling when driving the Lamborghini on this famous F1 track.
  • Is exactly the same rear drive system from the Valentino Balboni edition.The rest is the same as the standard Gallardo  model.

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Main hall with breakfast & lunch is served.

2010 Gallardo Superleggera with TopSpeed GM next to the car.

Media session.

View facing the main entrance.

Beauty & the beast.

Me , Mr.Ron Lim & his buddies chat at the pit garage.

This is the one i have driven.

A moment with this Iconic Contouh.

The Lamb. Gallardo have just left the pit lane.

Everybody take turn to take the ride.

Reporters from local media also there to take the great shot.

So ...who next.


Limo Hire said...

wow, wow, wow, i can't imagine the feeling a Lamborghini in its own track .....that feeling must be amazing i hope i can drive a Lamborghini one day even if not on f1 race track!!

Kin said...

Hi Limo Hire ,

1st of all thankyou so much for dropping by & oh course i'm delighted by your comment.
Yup!!! Is in fact an opportunity of a lifetime.
I hope you will have similiar chance in the near future.

Thanks ,


atai said...


envy you .... ahaksss.....

Kin said...

Hi Atai ,

I hope everyone will have the same opportunity.

May your dreams come true.

Thanks ,


Bowerbird said...

Same as atai, WOW!!

Kin said...

Hi Bowerbird ,

Thanks again for being interested in my work & posting.
Yeah.Lamborghini is about driving your dream.
Although i'm not eligible for any of this but at least i have the chance to feel the car on the track.

Thanks ,


Kin said...

Hi Mervin ,

Sorry.I didn't know that is your new blog name.

So good to know that you are still here.
Hope to see you more often.



komenda said...

Hi Kin,
Wow o wow! a beautiful occassion with beautiful cars! That white Lambo is awesome. I'm green with envy. Very happy for you :-) hope we can drive one of these babies too!

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

I was really lucky to be part of this event.
In fact i get shock when i was invited.
Anyway is always good to share all the information with you guys.
Please read the content then you will understand the whole picture.

Hope to see you more often.

Cheers ,