Friday, October 28, 2011

MOMO Steering Wheel Short History

MOMO steering wheel is one of the most important component / accessories especially in motorsport industry.
 How could we possibly drive or handle a car without a steering ?

Founder         :   Giampiero Moretti 
                          ( Retired racing driver )

Born              :  November 15 , 1944

Head Quater  :  Milan ,Italy

Industry         :  Automobile Industry

Established    :  1960

Current Company Name   : Key Safety System since 

 MOMO also produces gear shift knob and alloy wheels as well.You could find it in almost every motorsport vehicle around the globe.

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komenda said...

Hi Kin,
One of the most famous steering wheel for car upgrades. The Italian brands like Nardi and this one, are well liked by auto enthusiast :-)

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Hi Man ...long time !!! What happen to you.But anyway hope you are doing great.

MOMO steering is more than just a steering to like a piece of art work.
I'm sure most of the race cars are fitted with it.

Handsome steering.

Thanks & cheers :)


danielh said...

i would like to have one on my car too.hehe.
it will enhance the interior look of any car with this momo sreering on it.

thanks for sharing!

Kin said...

Hi Daniel ,

Yup! Surely not only you want to have it in your neither.

As i mentioned it to Erwin , is not just a steering , is a piece of functional artwork.

Thanks for your comment.

Cheers :)