Sunday, June 27, 2010

Subaru WRC 1999 ( 22B )


danielh said...

nice subaru B22 built up, one of my favourites car.
and congrats on your new blog! nice and interesting, hope that more new stories and latest car posted here.

Kin said...

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for all your support & asistance for helping me to achieve this wonderfull place call Haven.
This actually my favourite Subaru also compare to others.


jamie said...

hi nice 22b models of mcrae and burns cars did autoart make them with the logos pod and extra vents and diffrent wheels or did you do all this yourself?

Kin said...

Hi Jamie ,

1st of all welcome & thankyou so much for visitng & commenting my work.
This is Tamiya 1:24 plastic scale model.You have assemble it , paint it with Tamiya arcylic colour & after all the part has finish painted then is time to put all the livery or sticker onto every specific area which stated in the instruction comes with pictures.
I did it myself & one car took me at least 3 weeks plus to finish because i only spend couple of hours everyday after work.
It requires strong interest & patient to do it but is fun during the whole process.
Try one today.Jamie.

Thanks & hope to see you again.