Monday, July 5, 2010

The 2007 Porsche Cayman S Test Drive Experience

 The Porsche Cayman & the S version is actually share the same body , only different is the "S" version is more powerfull.It's comes with the Mid engine buried in the middle , 2 separated luggages compartment.One is in front and the other is at the back.Both also 2 seater , rear wheel drive.If you go back to the history of this particular model.
    It actually a evolution( transformation ) from the predecessor which is the Boxster Convertible , and when it was first launched in 2006.Both engine also flat 6 , the regular Cayman comes with 2.7 litre ( 245bhp) 0-60mph in 5.8 Sec. , Cayman S is 3.4 litre ( 295bhp) 0-60mph in 5.0 Sec.
      The driving is more firm compare to the 911( rear engine ).But rear engine is more fun when come to corners.Is ideal to drive every single day.
        Just don't forget to fetch your parent 1st and let them enjoy the ride  before kick off with some beautiful chic.The Rival will be  BMW Z4 Coupe , Nissan 350Z & Lotus Evora.

          Pictures courtesy of Google

          My 1st experience with Porsche was 2 years back in Glenmarie.I was amased by the exhaust Sound of the 997 GT3 RS ( Orange colour ) and it just come back from a spin by in house Technical personal from Germany, i guess !!!
               I didn't ask for a test drive due to it only restricted to potential buyers.But that did not stop me from discuss about the performance and the feature with the Sales Personal En.Raizal Mohamed.
                Until then in May 2010, i finally got the chance to drive a Porsche Cayman S on the street even for short route.It always better to excell the full potential of the this car on track.Because only then you will  know what is like to drive a Porsche or any other performance car in full throttle.
                 But this won't happen without the sincere and generosity of the proffesional sales person.Thank you for all her help to make it happens.You could contact Ms.Serena Tan at 0122568214 in BEEMER located at Jalan University , Petaling Jaya.Selangor.
                    See youself of the range of imported car they carry and they also the authorised dealer for VW.

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