Monday, July 5, 2010

Porsche 911 GT3 ( 997 )

  • This version earn  its "Zero Lift " name which means the car is keep on the ground all the time and create Aerodynamic without lifting the car.
  • This is due to the special design of the front of the car and the rear wing design to channel the air flow through the car without any drag.
  • It weights 1395kg and Guess what? Last year( 2009 ) they come up with the 2nd generation with  3.8 litre engine ( 435bhp).
  • It worth waiting for Porsche extreme enthusiats.
  • But according to some motoring journalist this car's performance is exactly like a race car.So only those who know how to handle and tame this beautiful beast.
  • Porsche produces about 900 units of this model and is only come with manual gear box.

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